My Favorite Firearms Information For Women

Hi! We probably just randomly met out shopping, or you were directed here by a friend of mine, or you wandered here via the magics of the interwebs. The purpose of this page is to provide a brief compendium of my favorite firearm websites, articles, and videos, especially geared towards women. (I did all of the searching, so you can find everything in one place!) These links will be regularly updated.


Videos/YouTube Channels

  • LimaLife – Holster/firearms reviews, range diary, and issues from a female perspective. She also has an active Facebook community.
  • Faliaphotography – MANY Holster reviews, conceal carry issues from a female perspective.
  • MrMrsAuthority – More Holster reviews.
  • ThePatriotNurse – Combination of: firearms perspectives, medical, and homesteading.



  • The Well Armed Woman – Retail site with various holster styles for women, videos with holster demonstrations, active Facebook community, training classes, and articles about other carry issues.
  • Cornered Cat – GREAT articles on carry issues, best article on female carry outfits (linked below).
  • Handgun Law – Useful website regarding handgun laws in all states in U.S.

Recommended holster/gear companies

There are literally thousands of different types of holsters and gear on the market. Focus on finding a style of carry, and finding the highest level of quality for the price you want. Each person is going to have their own “favorite” which will likely depend on which products they’ve been able to try in the first place. Want to see how the average woman is carrying her firearm? Check out this fun infographic.


  • Tagua Gun Leather – Reasonably priced quality leather holsters. Many styles including pancakes, outside the waistband holsters, inside the waistband, etc. I especially like their leather thumb break holster.
  • IMI Defense – Quality Israeli made paddle holsters. This is not a preference for my personal every day carry, BUT it is perfect for range days, open carry, and competitions.
  • Remora – Amazing shoulder holsters at a good price, well known for their pocket and non slip holsters.
  • Roma Gun Leather – Selection of PRETTY gun purses, still expensive, but much less than other leather retailers. Your best bet is finding these at a gun show, to see them in person.
  • Maxpedition – Quality made nylon gear: bags and backpacks. They do look more “tactical” than blending in.
  • CrossBreed Holsters – Famous for their well loved tuckable inside the waistband holster.
  • Gun Goddess – Women styled thick leather belts and other products.


Specific Issues:


Got other questions? Feel free to post them and I’ll get back to you!

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