Welcomed My 26th Year of Life

With the stress of completing my internship it was hard to focus on my birthday… but because of my all of my loved ones…I did manage to span the festivities over an entire week!

My presents arrived early from my mother in law, wrapped in the traditional Disney princess wrapping :0).


My birthday was in the middle of the week, and I decided to spend it “in” with our best friends. I’d seen a larger gathering of my friends a few days before for A’s 21st birthday and in that moment I was able to appreciate everyone and realize I didn’t need to see them again “just for me.” It was a cool secure moment.

All my life I’ve struggled with looking so much younger than I am. Its frustrated me when people retort “you’ll appreciate when you’re older.” This year I realized that there was no other age that I was “going to look forward to” there wasn’t another “adult age” milestone to hit that would validate my age anymore than now. Therefore, I decided to appreciate my fountain of youthfulness NOW. So what if I’m 26 and look like I’m in my young twenty’s. I’m the age that I am, I’m an adult, and I’m just going to live it up and appreciate it now!


We got take out to go, and we just hung out talking. They also decided to surprise me with a cheesecake…and some odd gifts. Its only your friends who truly know you who get you your comfort foods: dove white chocolate, triscuits, and a block of Parmesan cheese. Its awesome when people want to let you know how loved you are.


That weekend I got kidnapped by another amazing friend for a perfect goodbye friend date. (She’s spending next semester as a fantastic intern in D.C. instead of on campus). We went to go see the new animated Princess movie Frozen. We even randomly matched in pinks and greens.


OH MY GOODNESS! I was not expecting to love this movie half as much! The animation was perfect, the songs were epic, and the story was truly meaningful. There were spoofs on many of the traditional Disney romance plots, and great twists in the story line. I’m afraid to admit how much I identified with the eldest daughter, in recognizing how much anxiety has won in my life.


We sat analyzing and discussing every detail of the movie over milkshakes…the way only true Disney fans can do. I’ll be sad to not see her around, we’ve spent so much time together working in the Xtreme Impact office, and accidentally becoming really good friends preparing for our Italy trip together.

Pretty epic way to turn 26!


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