Weathered a Hurricane in OBX

Another “Favorite Unblogged 2015 moment”

Like most summers/fall we were able to vacation again in the beautiful Outerbanks. We looked forward to this break from work, a chance to travel and relax with friends. As the trip neared closer there was the chance of ugly weather (as there usually is when we plan the trip for off season) but we shrugged it off.


Due to successful persistence (aka obnoxiously repetitive comments) husby had agreed to sign us up for a wild pony tour. This is the most wished for experience that I’ve wanted to try the past several years I have traveled to these beaches. He checked the forecast and and scheduled the tour for the morning of the least amount of rainfall.

At the beach we enjoyed the house and watched the weather reports. We called the morning off, listening to the news, but were reassured, “honey we have hummers, we won’t cancel for rain” So we drove north, smile on my face.

We arrived, and when I heard a worker saying, “yeah we are about to close up shop” I had an awful sense of foreboding, I knew something was wrong. Husband went to check in, and began to talk with another employee. This man began his comments about the problem being about how far the water was inland “There is just no beach to drive on.” He continued to the point of saying that the tour was cancelled, and that they would probably not open again until the next Tuesday…when we were leaving on Sunday. Before he was finished explaining, I pulled my hood up over my head, and began to bawl/ugly cry like a small child.

I hadn’t realized how much I had been looking forward to this experience, and when it was finally on the schedule. We returned to the car, to try to redeem the day. We did find some fun things to do, even if I was crushed.

This was as close to a Pony as I got:

2015-10-01 13.12.22

The next morning was when hurricane Joaquin came to visit, although to be fair, I think it was the outer storms, and not even the most powerful part of the hurricane. Of course, my curious self had to go out and explore it. At first I attempted to put my phone camera in a plastic baggie to document the moment, but then a friend let me borrow his waterproof camera as they all laughed at my silly nature.


It was neat to experience, to feel the power of the waves, I felt my breath catch in my chest and my body tense up in response. The waves were driven in high, and you could see where debris were floating onto the beach.


When the rains stopped, husband and I ventured out for lunch. We wanted to see how deep the puddles were, and if we needed to leave our trip early so we wouldn’t be trapped on the Island. I enjoyed the signage. Husband and I planned to leave the next morning.

2015-10-02 13.59.20 2015-10-02 13.58.41 2015-10-02 13.57.52

That evening sitting around in our wonderful theater room, a friend came up and said, “The sky is beautiful right now, we are all trying to take pictures of it, and it dawned on us that you LOVE taking pictures” so they ushered me outside and several of them committed to try to help me rig up a tripod (since I hadn’t brought mine–we stolez it from the provided telescope) to marvel at the moonlight streaming on the calm ocean. It was incredible to think of the change from that morning, but the relationship aspect of the moment will last with me forever. I’m not good at making friends, as I documented at that recent wedding, and the fact that they were pursuing me, and embracing this wonderful moment with me, was such an incredible gift. I wanted to bask in that feeling.


2015-10-03 00.52.17 2015-09-27-10-04-OBX_530

So husband and I plan to leave, only to wake up to the gorgeous sun shinning down, and decided that we might as well celebrate the sunny day that the beach was giving us (even if we’d postpone more significant anniversary celebrations).



And that sunny day I ensured that I did all of the things that I hadn’t done yet on the trip: swimming in the ocean, relaxing in the hot tub, etc. Definitely our most memorable beach trip ever.


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