Watched the Midnight Premiere of Iron Man 3

I discovered last night that the “midnight showings” for which I’ve seen countless movies may actually no longer exist. In high school and college I’ve watched: Star Wars Episode 3, one of the X-Men movies, Pirates 2 and 3, Twilight movies, all of the Lord of the Rings, and Hunger Games, plus I’m sure others that I can’t think of at the moment. In my small town midnight showings were one of the few things to do, and we watched them despite having classes and exams the next day. There were even a few times we dressed up.


However, apparently movie showings at 12:01 am have no longer been the case throughout the fall after the mass murder at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in July 2012. It seems after this mass murder at a mall (the ONLY theatre in the town in which guns were PROHIBITED) people have frequented midnight showings less. Therefore, Taken 2 decided to have a 10pm showing and more people showed up, so the rest of the industry copied this move.

Husband was going with a group from work, for a “group bonding” event with their department, but at the time there wasn’t a ticket for me. So I decided to continue with Day 2 of my Couch to 5k program. Of course right as I’m finishing the walk/jog and covered in sweat he calls me to inform me of my procured ticket if I can get to the theatre asap. Here is the couch to 5k program that I have been using:


While waiting in line, as the police officers scanned the movie goers, we discussed the 9pm move slot. Whoever purchased the tickets for the department was told by our particular theatre that the move was due to increasing safety. They said that police officers are able to respond quicker to an emergency at that time of the night. To us, those who understand that the problem is gun free zones, and not what time of night an event happens, it is laughable. Too, not only is it about the gun free zone, but it is about the popularity of the event and the massive crowd atmosphere.

On one hand I’m sad of the way that life changes in response to tragedies, and how many changes I’ve seen during my life time. I used to remember at the airport being able to wait at the gate as the family member’s planes arrived and departed. I remember not having to worry about how many ounces of liquids were in my containers while packing my suitcases. I remember going through airport security without having to remove my footwear. I remember airport security before having to worry about the choice between body scanners and being groped in front of my high school missions teams. Its sad to see how many of these changes have been infringements as well.

That being said….9pm movie showings are AWESOME! It’s basically the same thing, with crowds of people, but instead of fighting to stay awake after a long day, loading up on candy and coffee, then driving home on deserted roads at 3am feeling very unsafe, then being sleepy the following day, I can actually be home BEFORE midnight! It is really a wonderful and more practical invention. Everyone wins because the movie people can still “count” it for opening weekend in their spiffy numbers.

It was entertaining watching this super hero flick with a bunch of geeks who fangirled over some of the product placement like exadata (which, by the way would never been in van, as its a very expensive server system). To be fair I think it was less fangirling and more “oh my goodness we can’t get away from work and Oracle!”

On the movie itself I was entertained, but I am easily entertained. As a counselor I was interested watching this super hero wrestle with anxiety and PTSD type symptoms after the events in the Avengers movie. I also appreciated the relationship dynamics between Stark and Potts, and what he was willing to sacrifice in the end in order to focus on her, to make her the priority in his life. Stark has a moment of self actualization and understanding his own personal identity as Iron Man.

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