Watched the Midnight Premiere of “Hunger Games”

The computer put 12:01 pm instead of 12:01 am.

I am not going to lie…I have been anticipating the movie adaptation for the Hunger Games series since I finished the series and first began to hear the rumors that a movie was going to be made. I stalked the Hunger Games page on waiting to see what would happened, now that the rights to the movie were purchased. Whenever the movie premiere date was announced, earlier this fall or maybe the previous summer?, I wrote it down in my agenda, and had been counting down the days.

During Spring Break this led to me rereading the first book, (so I could refresh myself to the specifics of the story), which quickly led to rereading the second book. Poor husband could repeat from memory different quotes from the trailers I had seen them so many times. Then, finally the time came!

Me and my Mocking Jay pin from Hot Topic

The opening of Hunger Games came at an unfortunate time for me. The midnight showing fell right in the middle of the final of four large promotional events for Xtreme Impact, CFAW. If you do not remember here is a post in which we led these events while the Director and his Assistant were out of the country: Here. But, I decided to go, and managed to wrangle a few other Xtreme Impact related people to come with me :0).

Here is my critique of the film. Note, if you haven’t seen it yet, you will probably want to wait to read my opinions as they will contain spoilers. I admit that this analysis is likely too strict, and I think that I should watch this movie again sometime while I’m not so sleepy :0).

I am a HUGE fan of the books, and I hate it when movies deviate from the books. It did happen with this movie. It is inevitable, because somehow you can convey a lot more in a book than you can in a limited time for a movie. Maybe that is because more people are willing to take an entire day/week to read a well crafted story, but to sit and watch a movie longer than 2.5 would be unbearable? Mostly there were minor things that were cut out of the film, just to save time.

We were just 1 of 14 showings!

Things that I didn’t like about the movie: I think Peeta’s and Katniss’ relationship was underdeveloped. I think that they needed to play more on her guilt and why she felt indebted about the bread. Also, the one time that I really could tell the depth of Peeta’s feelings was when he was shouting at her to run away in the Tracker Jacker scene. They are great actors, I just think that they didn’t give them and their relationship enough “on-screen” time, especially during their scenes in the cave when they are pretending for the audience.

The scenes in the games felt a little rushed as they had to combine several days worth into minutes. I think it would have been important to see Katniss struggle to find water, to show how difficult the environment was.

Also, I think the last challenge of the games with the Mutts was VERY disappointing. I felt like the book made a very big deal about the psychological terror of the Mutts having the same eyes as the other tributes. This importantly conveyed the sick terror of the Capitol and how they will not limit themselves.

Me and my XI group!

That being said I LOVE the new twists that were added for the film adaptation. I miss the feel of being inside Katniss’ head, but instead most of the movie is watched with behind the scenes footage in which you see the Game Makers and President Snow discussing the Games and manipulating the environment. I think portrayal was fantastic, and despite that it was completely imagined and extrapolated from the books, it definitely maintained the integrity of the books. Watching from that perspective highlighted the control of the Capitol and helps to establish the political plots that will continue through the third book/movie. I was very impressed with their creativity.

All in all, a really great movie. I think I still prefer the book, because there is simply more depth there. However, I give the movie 4.5 out of 5 stars and would recommend it :0). (I’m also really happy that the opening night did better than any other non sequel movie including Twilight).

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