Watched My Husband Graduate/Completed My Final Class!

May 12, 2012 was a momentous day in the lives of my husband and myself.

First and foremost we watched my husband walk across a stage to receive his diploma. This is something that was like 8 years in the making. He began when he was 16, a few years later earned his Associates at a local college, and then decided to attend the University where we met in 2006. I graduated in May of 2009, and he decided to take a break for while we were getting married.
 This break of his enrollment led to problems getting re-enrolled, and his Degree Completion Plan for Computer Management Information Systems was changed to include several high level business classes that my husband did not feel confident to undertake. When he began pursing completing his degree he realized that it would be simplest to transfer all of his credits to the Online Program and earn an Interdisciplinary Studies degree, so he could just be done with it.

Saturday we decided to skip the Commencement Ceremony because we were not fans of Mitt Romney, as well as we wanted to avoid as much of the crowds as possible. We got to sleep in, and later while we were waiting for the mini departmental ceremonies I listened to Mitt Romney’s speech, just to be aware of what was said. Many people liked the speech, however, I was not a fan. He said, “marriage is defined as one man and one woman” and that felt like pandering during the recent news and the conservative group that he was speaking too. He concerned me because he continued to say the words “our faith, our believes” etc, and that is a slippery slope. We do NOT have the same beliefs.

I was very entertained by the fact that during the Ceremony there was a small plane flying around with the message, “GOP = Higher School Debt. 

The mini ceremony progressed surprisingly fast! I believe this is due to the fact that there is less nostalgia than there is in other departments, and this is a smaller student population.

We were lucky to quickly leave the building to return to our car. On the way out we were even able to catch a ride across the street on a golf cart! (I’m not gonna lie, I wanted to ride one of the golf carts ever since I saw the tweet from the University saying that they were having IT and other staff driving them for people on campus).

Secondly, I was able to turn in my final assignment for my current online class. Due to various events about a week or two ago I learned that I misunderstood how the Dependent Grant In Aid that I use to take classes (since husband works here at the school) worked. I found out that I had reached my maximum limit, and have 3 credit hours left, needed to take my Internship. I was going to take an extra 4-5 classes in order to receive a certificate in trauma counseling, but learned this was not going to be a possibility. Once I realized this, I discovered that it was a relief to basically be finished.

Now, all I need to do is find a location to earn 600 hours with of counseling internship hours! I am excited and have faith that God will bring this to me in His perfect timing (since I’ve been waiting over a year).

It is funny to this that my husband and I are officially (basically) no longer “college students.”  I will have so much more time if I no longer need to do text book reading, discussion board posts, spending weekends writing research papers. The internship includes an online class for which there will be some tedious assignments. But, I am basically done, free at last!

I can’t wait to see what I will fill my time with. So far, here are some of my goals:

* organize the apartment
*cook on a more regular basis
*organize photos
*find cool ways to do things with pictures: print them, make memory books
*organize my mission trip items, other memory items
*read more fun books!
*learn new skills: photo taking, playing the guitar, practicing Italian/Sign Language
*try all of the fun things I’ve found on Pinterest
*blog more!

So, be looking for more exciting updates from me :0)

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