Watched Homecoming as an Alumna

Usually, we avoid campus for any busy events, as they are a traffic nightmare. But, this a friend asked us to go with him and his daughter in club level seats!


Basically, his coworker had purchased season tickets, and was going to be away on a missions trip. Free food and we are there!

It was fun to sit with them and explain any random tidbits…like our mascot name, and student traditions at the game. We talked about the “made up” rivalry with the other team, it was really cool to share that with them.


I’m not a huge sports enthusiast, but watching this game was always a highlight in college. The first 3/4ths of the game our side was doing pretty well…but as typical tradition they couldn’t hold it together in the final inning, and lost in double over time.

Watching the sun fade, and the sky blossom into the gorgeous purple and dark blue it was a cool moment to reflect on this rare/random/unpredictable opportunity. We were sitting at the game with the guy who’d gotten my husband a wonderful job, one in which we could really start talking about a future. But the coolest thing was that this contractor had become a new friend.

IMG_4338 IMG_4344 IMG_4347

In that moment God’s providence over the past few months were evidenced to me. It was amazing to sit and bask in God’s faithfulness.

Here are the scrapbook pages from the event:

2014-01-01_01-28-47_889 2014-01-01_01-28-28_922


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