Watched Farscape

Now if you’ve been following my blog, or know me, you know that I finally got around to watching Gilmore Girls at the end of 2008 completing the series in 2009. I absolutely LOVE that TV series. I adore the characters and the relationships. It is my go-to comfort food of tv shows when nothing else is on or I just want to watch something that I know will be good. The hubster even on occasion (mostly because I’m watching it) will come watch it with me.

However, its starting to get a little repetitive to keep watching the same show–and I know that the hubster would rather watch something else. A few weeks ago the hubster mentioned re-watching a show that he loved called Farscape. It is heavy Sci-fi and it aired around 2000 till either 2004/2005. (I’m actually not permitted to Google anything about the show because I would inevitably ruin huge surprises). The basic premise of the show is that an astronaut is trying to use Earth’s gravity to “sling shot” around I think to gain more speed or something and he ends up into a worm hole that shoots him to the other end of the Galaxy. There he meets up with a band of fugitive aliens and they form a union to get away from the Peace Keepers and to try to get back to each of their home worlds.

So, I tried it, and I actually enjoy it! (Hence why there has been less blogging–I’m almost through season 2). I wouldn’t say that I like it as much as Gilmore Girls. But there are really neat relationships that unfold (even if ANNOYINGLY SLOWLY). I still struggle with the Sci-fi aspect of it–there is a new planet or a new race revealed in each episode.  The acting is absolutely amazing! There was one episode where the characters “switched bodies” It was soooo funny and well done…each character acted out the other characters’ mannerisms perfectly that I forgot that those characters weren’t IN the other characters’ bodies.

So if you’re looking for a new tv show to watch, or one that you do not have to wait each week for a new episode to appear, one with lots of twists and turns and “holy crap!” and “SERiouSly??!!” moments this show is for you!

Personally I just want to be Aeryn Sun when I grow up…it might help that our names sound the same/are the same 🙂

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