Walked Richmond’s Canal

We were in town to lobby for gun rights, as we have for the past 5 years. We’ve discovered that staying the night before make is much easier than making the drive in the morning, plus it means an exciting adventure in a different city.


Using hotwire.com my husband got a good deal at the Double Tree in downtown Richmond. The hotel gave us warm cookies upon check in!


I’d been researching fun stuff for us to do, so once we arrived I looked at an artistic style map. I recognized many of the landmarks from my research. Since evening was already upon us I chose a simple activity that was near us: exploring the canal.

According to my research this canal system was actually lobbied for by George Washington at the General Assembly. He thought it would be beneficial for Virginia’s commerce to have these waterway routes. It was neat that he’d lobbied, just like we’d be doing the next day!


Visiting the Shockoe slip led to perfect reflective images of the industrialized area.


LobbyDay_2014_42 LobbyDay_2014_40editscaled LobbyDay_2014_19

Wandering around, we actually discovered the pizza place we were going to patron the next day.

It was beautiful to see how the city and rail road tracks intermingled together!

LobbyDay_2014_67 LobbyDay_2014_55


Along the canal walk you can see the flood walls…they look so impressively tall that it is hard to imagine that the water has ever rose above them..which I believe did occur in August 2004.

LobbyDay_2014_60 LobbyDay_2014_63

I was sad to discover that tours of the canal are only offered during warm months, though my cold fingers quickly understood the fact that the already cold air is even colder next to the water!

LobbyDay_2014_103 LobbyDay_2014_90 LobbyDay_2014_74 LobbyDay_2014_68

The trail we walked along is called the “Liberty Trail.” Husband and I found this ironic as we came across a long sign detailing what you could NOT do in the canal.

LobbyDay_2014_78scaled LobbyDay_2014_69

Another interesting aspect in this area is the triple rail road crossing, the only of its kind in North America. It is much more exciting with trains on it, but the only known instances of three trains crossing at once have only been twice, and these were posed photo opportunities.


After we were too cold, we began to try to figure out where to eat. We had a moment of clarity in our personality differences. Husband enjoys doing research for restaurants etc, by simply asking the people that he passes. Meanwhile, I enjoy being prepared by surfing the internet for reviews and options.

In the end I used Urban Spoon to guide us to the Black Sheep. Husband ate a yummy and warm Chicken and Dumplings, while I ate this giant sub. (And did I mention this was the half size?) Their subs were rightly called “BattleShips” and mine was the USS Roanoke.

I was disappointed to not take advantage or more of the hotel’s amenities but the travel and walk in the cold had warn us out! My poor pink vibrams sat unused in my duffel.

One of the coolest things about our hotel was that if offered a swimming pool on the roof, of course this is only available during the warmer months. They wouldn’t even allow anyone on the roof due to liability reasons. So you’ll just have to instead enjoy these neat cityscapes from our window.






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