Walked For My Master’s Degree

This past weekend I was able to do something really exciting, walk for my Professional Counseling Master’s degree! I say “walking” because I have not yet technically graduated. I’m done with all of the course work, and am continuing in my real life field experience for a few more semesters. You can walk with up to 6 credits outstanding. I did the same thing for my undergraduate degree.


For awhile I debated about not walking, this would have been my husband and my’s 3rd time participating in graduation, and it can be extremely hectic. Technically, I also viewed this spectacle one year while working at the campus bookstore, that was not a pleasant experience. However, I discovered that several of my undergraduate friends would be graduating as well, so at least I wouldn’t be by myself. Also, I figured it would be a great opportunity for my dad to visit again, since he was unable to attend my bachelor’s graduation.


By Friday midday the traffic was already a nightmare! Luckily, my school keeps getting smarter at how to host an extra bazillion people on campus, so check-in was very painless and smooth. They’d reserved parking spaces for the graduates (sorry to my friends who are staff members for this sacrifice), and provided a large option space to check in to pick up our reader cards.


Dad and I spent the morning looking for a suit for me. I’d only wanted a couple of jackets to dress up outfits, but conceded to a full suit, because really its probably time that I have one.


That evening was the baccalaureate speech, but we decided to reserve our strength and avoid campus for the night. Instead, we decided to watch “The Host” at the cheap movie theatre. I had been looking forward to this movie. Overall, I was fairly impressed with the film adaptation. However, I think they “overamped” the relationship aspects and reduced the sci-fi elements that made it so intriguing. It is first and foremost a love story, the idea that love can conquer all. The problem is that when you play hyped up music trying to make the scene “epic” it ends up loosing the true love sense that it could have other wise had.


Saturday morning came too quickly. They tell us to be on campus by 7:30, despite that we don’t start walking onto the football field until 9:00am. I remembered from my first graduation that really you could show up by 8:45am and still be fine. So when we were running a little bit late I wasn’t worried. I met up with the Xtreme Impact Costa Rica 2009 crew quickly. This group is probably the most cohesive mission trip group, that has consistently stuck together since they first met before college. I would say that unity is really what set our high school trips apart. It was an honor to graduate with them. The last generation of XI supervisors were in the bunch, so we took a photo together. xisupervisors Due to rain storms the previous night the grass in front of the visitor’s center was vastly squishy. I was happy I’d chosen to wear my “touristy” sandals in lieu of cute flats that I actually cared about.


While waiting someone teased me about the blog title. Someone else decided “hey we should play that game” lol. Yes, I did use my fall back of “never have I ever fallen asleep in class”

IMG_1587 While lined up suddenly, I heard some people call my full name. I turned in surprise, not recognizing their faces. They quickly explained that they recognized me for my decorated cap, from our counseling Facebook groups! I felt like a superstar/famous person for a second. We chatted for a moment and I said I’d see them at our degree presentation ceremony later.


The opening ceremony passed by fairly quickly, teasing the different silly aspects of the ceremony. Overall though I’d say the speaker was one of the better one’s we’ve had recently. She was actually a Christian, sharing a Christian message. It was inspiring hearing her discuss her career journey. There were moments when the doors to her dreams were slammed shut in her face, but now she sees that without those crushing moments she wouldn’t have the incredible job in news journalism that she has now.


After the first ceremony, Husband, Dad, and I booked it as it looked like the sky was finally about to burst down on us. We retreated to Husband’s office where we’d camp out at least until traffic cleared to head home, or waiting until the actual degree presentation. Another brilliant development by the school is renting several golf carts to bus people around in. Many of husband’s friends and coworkers were the drivers, so we may or may not have taken advantage of this in order to get lunch.


Finally, it was time for the 3:30 counseling degree presentation! Much to my surprise and enjoyment, a person I knew from real life was also graduating! My team leader from this past year’s Italy trip was walking in this ceremony. :0) He’s actually completely done, so I’m slightly jealous. 


It felt nice to have that moment of having my name called, and walking across the stage. Though it signifies less to me that I’m done. For me it is more of the extra “oomf” to stay strong through my several semesters of internship. It was exciting to meet with some professors of intensives, getting a photo with Dr. John Thomas to taught my first and final intensive!


The weather was gorgeous and sunny, it had yet to thunderstorm like the weather reports had promised. We took advantage of the bright sunniness taking a few obligatory shots with our DSLR. 


Husband simply rolled his eyes at me, but I thought you’d like to see that they’ve officially demolished our dorms.


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