Voted In My 2nd National Election

I posted about the upcoming election, who I planned to vote for and why on a previous post.

Excitedly, I have been looking forward to Nov.6th, 2012 for awhile. I’m sick of the ads on hulu, the radio stations, and the attacking posts between all sides on facebook. Much like this poor little girl showcased on youtube I am sick of hearing about “Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney” Seriously, she is like the cutest this ever!

Even though this is not my first time voting at all, its a first in many ways, one of which being that it is the first time that I voted for someone not from the two dominant parties. Each election I become more and more excited and involved within the political process.

This morning husband randomly decided that we were going to vote before he went to work. Oh, okay, thanks for the head’s up buddy! I quickly dressed and headed out the door with him only to stand and wait to for an hour. We were inside a church’s gymnasium and the line was snaked around 4 times! I felt frustrated realizing how slowly the line was moving and knowing that I’d left all of my electronic devices in the car. I figured you’d get in trouble if your phone when off when you were voting or something.

I’m pretty sure most of my negative experience this morning was due to my bad attitude, but allow me to digress into a rant. We were sandwiched between two couples who were good friends with each other and I felt awkwardly in their way. One of the gentleman, who made us aware of who he was voting for as soon as we got in line behind him, was in the words of one friend “disgustingly extroverted” and kept incessantly talking. I’ve decided that this proves that I’m not as extroverted as I would have previously believed because unlike my husband I would much rather stare at my electronic device, than engage in long conversations with people that I don’t know.

In this case though, I think I also did not want to engage in political discussions in this already tense arena. That seemed like a bad idea to me. At one point the couple behind us shared about how their niece had recently gotten in trouble for having a small knife in her purse at school, not realizing it was still in her purse. They described the incident in agreement with the “no tolerance” policy that awarded her with 6 weeks at an alternative school! The whole time during this conversation I kept biting my tongue to refrain from a snarky comment. Later, husband and I did interject a few comments, mine being the reminder that “gun free zones don’t work.” The people around us were very nice, and husband enjoyed their political/governmental dialogue. I just felt awkward and uncomfortable with no way to escape :-/ The nice gentleman even thanked husband for being nice enough to listen to him, making me feel more like a jerk.

Soon enough it was our turns at the electronic booths, I would have loved to posed in front of it, however my blogger nature resisted due to the fussing at that I would likely receive from the booth attendants.

As soon as we were done voting we grabbed a quick lunch and husband returned me home as he drove off to work.

Now, I’m just sitting on facebook seeing pictures of my friends proudly posed with their “i voted” stickers, watching comments stream by on twitter. I’m excited for this season of hatred to end, I’m sick of the awfulness on all sides. You can debate people, even laugh at their ideas, and still respect them as people as this was demonstrated in the Gary Johnson 3rd party debate last night. As a third party voter I have constantly have my Christian character questioned based on my decisions, and been told that I was just “wasting my vote.” Husband has even lost a few facebook friends due to his regular political postings (which he does even when there isn’t a National Election).

Because of all of this I think I have a better understanding and acceptance for all ways that people can vote, or even not vote if that is what they feel led to do. I truly do believe that there can be Christian Democrats, Christian Republicans, and Christian Libertarians. I really want to encourage all of you that if you are passionate about this election, please don’t let it stop there. You need to be active and attend city council meetings, and participate by voting in local elections. Often, more legislation is written by our local representatives in the first place. Don’t let your “i voted” sticker mug shots stop today!

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