Voted in a Primary Election

I had the opportunity to vote in my first Primary Election today! It was more chill than other elections that I’ve voted in, apparently there is no literature distribution allowed. I used to not really care about politics at all, but definitely being more involved in lobbying my state legislators during Lobby Day, makes politics more real to me. It is no longer this arbitrary ideal in which people argue about and nothing happens for it; becoming involved (at least in Virginia) means actually seeing results for the lobbying. (I’ll post more about an update from my participation in this year’s Lobby Day later).

In Virginia there are only two candidates that one is allowed to vote for: Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. I don’t know if I’m in a very skewed population, but TONS of people that I know are die hard Ron Paul fans. It is shocking to me when I go some place new and I hear hard core conservatives saying something to the effect of, “Ron Paul, that whacko!” For me, I was cautious about deciding to support Ron Paul, because his fans are definitely very passionate, I didn’t just want to jump on the band wagon (especially being considered one of those wives who just does whatever her husband does). For me, I took an honest look at his website and other beliefs, and they seem very logical to me. I have not researched as much about some of the other Republican possibilities; I’m hugely turned off by the amount of random drama they have in the news as well as seeing their history of flip flopping. And, in the end Ron Paul’s ideas are very different than the rest of the Republican group, and you realize that we need that at this point. Because, if any of those other guys get elected they will end up doing a lot of the same things as Obama (when it comes to taxes or spending, etc.)

It is funny to think of how my views on politics have changed since the 2008 election, I was more of standard Republican… now I would define myself as a Republican with Libertarian tendencies…It will be interesting to see which way the election goes, and what happens in November.

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