Visited the Zippo Case Museum

Because I get a little stir crazy during vacations my Italian Mama Bama coordinated with the husband to plan a quick day trip. We went to Bradford, PA to see the Zippo/Case museum. This was a fun trip for my hubby and siblings when they were kids. PLUS, I’m kind of afraid of lighters. (I know so weird, since I’m not afraid of firearms). So we thought it would be fun to get me a nice lighter to get acquainted with :0).


It is a small museum, but fun to walk through. I had no idea the type of legacy that zippo lighters have. There were many examples of lighters lasting through the wars being inscribed with personal information of soldiers. It was neat to think about what those lighters had witnessed in foxholes overseas.


Plus, there were all kinds of decorated Zippos with famous musicians and cute Mickey designs.

IMG_7494 IMG_7493

A fun family trip.

IMG_7519 IMG_7456 IMG_7451 IMG_7442

Now, look at this cute tactical pink lighter.2014-12-23 18.32.10

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