Visited the Vintage Market

Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! I know I’ve been sort of MIA, so I hope to be able to catch you all up while I get an extra day off!

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_3

Husband and I were excited to spend some time together, we debated visiting a nearby city, but instead decided to explore our own downtown.

Lunch and visiting a special Vintage Market were on the agenda! We drove around to find this special market, I’d assumed it would have been where the Farmers Market usually is, but it wasn’t. We found it, parked the truck, and then discovered a new-to-us Mediterranean restaurant. The outdoor seating with palm frond-ed umbrellas won us over, especially with our puppy in tow!

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_9

The food did not disappoint! The sweet tea tastes different, with a splash of different spices like cinnamon. Husband ordered a kebab wrap, while I had a delicious greek salad covered in yummy feta cheese!

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_8

Then we walked over to the one day market! The lovely weather has put me in the mood for summer, and this market partnered with that feeling perfectly.

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_17

Upon entrance an exiting couple gave us their extra raffle tickets. To our surprise, about a minute later, (literally the NEXT drawing) I won! I was able to choose from a variety of lovely items, representing each of the vendors.

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_27

I picked a set of rustic wooden coasters, made by a newly debuted father and daughter company! It was actually because of them I knew about the event. The daughter is in my Sunday School class at church, and last summer she’d amaze us with her rustic creations that she posted on facebook. I’m so excited for her to be creating more of these items to share with the community! Check out their website.

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_54

We wandered around the market with about 30 + vendors, but didn’t stay long as the poor puppy was worn out. We gave her one of the complimentary water bottles, and she downed the entire thing. We figured we needed to get her home.

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_28

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_34

I enjoyed it! I hope to visit more markets, maybe next time we’ll leave the puppy at home so we have more time to shop. I enjoyed seeing all of the creativity of community members…it really felt like visiting etsy in my backyard.

2014-05-24-Vintage Market_30 2014-05-24-Vintage Market_46 2014-05-24-Vintage Market_40 2014-05-24-Vintage Market_50

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