Visited the Billy Graham Library

My husbands parents have been visiting since Easter, and they expressed a desire to travel to the Billy Graham Library which is located in Charlotte, NC. I am always game for a road trip adventure and I had Easter Monday off.

I was skeptical at first, due to my university I’m used to “big name Christians.” I was very much surprised and impressed. The Library was less of a museum about Billy, and instead about the message that he was called to share. It was filled with momentos from the various presidents and country leaders that he befriended. My only complaint about the Library (entrance is free by the way), is that each exhibit features a film clip…which gets old after awhile…though they are well done.

My favorite exhibit was that of Ruth Bell Graham. There was a video clip of Ruth saying, “I have never considered divorce, I have contemplated murder on various occasions.” I loved seeing her wedding dress and other things from her life. She collected drawings, quotes, and stories for use in Billy’s sermons (being the original pack rat), and she was raised as a missionary in China. I would love to know more about her as a woman, wife, and mother.

The exhibit that shocked me the most was that of Billy’s influence during WWII. The room was designed after the Berlin wall, complete with the lighted tower, and the gestapo. It was an eerie feeling. However, the remarkable thing was that due to Billy’s legacy, God softened the hearts of those in power in Russia, and Billy Graham was permitted to preach to large crowds. This occurred in communistic countries that outlawed religion.

At the end of the “Journey of Faith” there is a bookstore called “Ruth’s Attic.” I love the design of it…it features bookshelves towering high in the walls. We even found a new wall decoration soon to be added with pictures from husband and my mission trips.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone!

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