Visited New York City

I have been annoying hubster pretty much at least the entire time we have been married to go to New York City. It seemed like he and everyone else had been there and told me it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it is important for me to see things for myself! So finally in May, friends were going, and invited us along!

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Traveling up there was by far the easiest trip ever. Taking the train is awesome, especially with a baby in tow.

Our long weekend in the city was awesome! I loved feeling the vibe/beat of the city. Surprisingly, I was able to move with the foot traffic and not get run over by people, bikes, or cars. I was also surprised not to feel more overwhelmed by the city, but maybe because I’ve toured other large cities overseas.

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This is going to be one long summary post, enjoy!

Seeing the sites:

Time Square





Central Park




While we were there we learned that the mayor was trying to ban carriage rides, claiming harm to the horses. (In speaking with the drivers we learned it was really about the prime real estate that the horse stables are on). Because this opportunity might not be around in the future we decided to splurge and do the “touristy thing.” It was really pretty awesome!

However, standing under a lamp is not the best place to take pictures…as I was victim to a pigeon poop attack.


Rockefeller Center



Statue of Liberty




This was as close as I got to the Statue. Apparently, visiting this lady is an entire day trip, so it didn’t quite make the cut.

Grand Central Station



While the boys were out, the ladies took to the subway to see the mall of Grand Central Station. We enjoyed perusing the farmer’s market. I dropped a glass jar of olive spread on the floor, and was surprised to be met with kindness and understanding!



Brooklyn Bridge




What is New York City without shopping:

Disney Store

2014-05-NYC_329 2014-05-NYC_185



Nintendo World

2014-05-NYC_1127 2014-05-NYC_101 2014-05-NYC_239


Blame it on my childhood, the Nintendo World was the best! The little with us walked up to the Pikachu statue, pointed to his nose, and said “snoz.” Let alone entertaining us with picking out a stuffed animal that is bigger than she was. I was disappointed that there were no cool Charmander items. According to the cashier all of the toys go through rotations.

The Strand




Oh my goodness! I found the most incredible bookstore ever. I scoured the aisles of the one floor I even investigated out of several. On the bottom floor you can feel the building shake as the subway passes by.

FAO Schwartz


I didn’t expect to like this store as much as I did! Then again, ridiculous amounts of candy that you can put in a giant bag? Huge selection of yummy gummy bears and I’m your woman!


Probably one of the funniest things were the guys going out by themselves. Husband teased that he bought something for me on 5th Avenue. I’d walked around enough to know that all of the BEST shops are near that area (umm Tiffany’s?) So I may or may not have been picturing pretty pretty jewelry at this point. Then, hubster arrives and brings me special pink dice from a gaming store. Oh all of the geek love!

2014-05-10 20.13.47

Oh my goodness, the food:

In New York City most of our meals were small deli’s that just happened to be located near wherever we were. However there were a few special meals.

I FELL in LOVE with Ess-a-Bagel. Firstly, they have incredible bagels, but beyond that, their selection of cream cheese is to DIE for. We ate there a couple of times, even enduring the out the door line it was soo good!


The WORST food decision was eating bagels and lox. I’d eaten some of this at a family reunion and enjoyed it. However, I quickly learned that there is a difference between deli packaged lox and fresh fishy horrible tasting lox. Ugh. It was also about a bazillion dollars.





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