Visited My Mom in Arizona

In February I had the opportunity to visit my mom and stepfather in Arizona. It was an incredible time to see her on her turf.


We went to the Grand Canyon and Botanical Garden while I marveled at the beauty of the Desert. We also went shopping at Old Town Scottsdale.

Amid all of those adventures we also just had some fun together. I got to meet her sweet pit bull while we watched tv together. He actually lets her test her necklace length on him, he is pretty tolerant.


We visited with my AnniGram eating at Golden Corral.


At home we went through old pictures. My mom began to organize them by year, and I worked on scanning them into the computer. It was incredible to spend time clarifying my heritage. I was to treasure that history and pictures for my future kids. I learned more about our timeline in Germany, and even found a few pictures from our trip to the gorgeous castle the Neuschwanstein. :0) Pictures and history are so important!

2014-02-Arizona_1403 2014-02-Arizona_1399

2014-02-Arizona_1420 2014-02-Arizona_1392

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