Visited Lake Erie

(Another Christmas Vacation Post)

I love traveling and doing new things whenever I go places. So, when we were traveling to an Army Surplus store I saw the signs for Lake Erie and begged for a photo op! Luckily, both my Mother-in-law, and husband are well used to this by now :0)

First of all, some neat pictures from the Army surplus store…who knew the North could have such conservative values?

It was actually even more like a museum with their different displays.
My kind of Santa
I keep threatening to pinkify my Husband’s AR-15. One day, hun, one day ;0)
I like the idea of pink guns, its the mix of the feminine and the masculine. For the record, in this State I am not even permitted to ‘look’ at these firearms unless I have a State concealed carry permit.
Yes I do. And we did buy this.

Then, they obliged my moment. For the record, it was really really cold!

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