Viewed Photos From My 13th Bday Party!

Over Christmas break the hubster and I have been trying to tidy-up our abode. For me, this means attempting to declutter the desk and the areas surrounding. (Unfortunately, I have a propensity to horde items that I think I may be able to put in a future scrapbook or use in a cool craft project, or just hate to throw away because the item is not broken).

One such pile of things that I have been holding onto are a few undeveloped disposable cameras. Most of this footage is likely from when I was in 5th to 8th grade, and at the time my parental’s said that we could not develop it due to costs, so it went undone. I decided that I’d have fun doing a few rolls at once and blogging about it. These things are years old, one roll is from my 5th grade graduation party!

So I took these two disposable cameras and dropped them off at WalMart a few days before Christmas. I never actually got a call back from them, so finally went to see if they were available. I was happy to find out that they were, despite that one of the rolls had been unable to be developed :0(. I opened the second roll to view the pictures, having NO idea what would be inside (I just knew that I could save money by taking out the photos that weren’t clear).

When I viewed the photos at the register I began to realize that they were from my 13th birthday party!  I literally laughed out loud when I saw pictures of my dorky brace face self beaming with my new presents, causing people around me to glance my direction. (FYI this means that these pictures are 11 years old, so I think that is pretty crazy they developed!)

I’m excited that for this project the pictures were from such an iconic event! The quality is not the best, and many of the pictures are not really focused on anything, but I decided to keep them as long as they were viewable (about ten were completely brown). Husband says that we may be able to photoshop these later to “fix them.” But for now, you can enjoy images from a birthday party with a Lisa Frank cake, streamers strung about and turned into volleyball nets for balloons, finger nail polish painting, the making of Ojos de Dios, and a happy little girl with her gifts!

P.S. Be on the look out…I have three more disposable cameras to drop off for developing!

My first (and I think only) CD player!
See! I told you about the balloon streamer volleyball.
My Lisa Frank birthday cake!
My best friend!
I have always loved stationary supplies.
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