Vacationed in OBX During the Govt Shutdown

Off season beach week trips are awesome….even if you have to wait all summer through everyone else’s beach trip pictures. The fun thing this year, about joining our former crew from last year, was that it would be during our anniversary…meaning more adventure on our special day!

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We headed down to the beach, road tripping with a newbie to the OBX. We were in a different house in Nags Head this year instead of Corolla. Nags Head is nice to be more centrally located with shops and food.

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One of the biggest struggles that I started the week out with was wrestling with my expectations comparing everything to last year. As much as I regret the time wasted in that awful frustration, processing all of it I think helped grow me as a person. :0)

The first few days the weather was rough. The “No Swimming” signs were up, but my husband is a strong swimmer so he chanced it.



Our beach house kitchen had a long family style table for gaming, again, and a giant fish hanging on the wall. And an amazing comfy chair for reading.

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Our beach house had a visitor, Franklin the crab. He was also on vacay from the Ochin, swimming in the pool.

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I did end up relaxing on the beach. My whole life I’ve always teased people who came to the beach to just sit on the sand. I apologize. I took a nap on the beach, and it was literally the best nap that I’ve ever had in my entire life! It was magical!

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One of the coolest things that we did as a group was head down to the beach at night. We’d bring chairs and sit just at the edge of the waves’ grasp, staring into the beautiful sparkly sky. One such night I was splashing my feet, and I started to see little specks. I discovered dinoflagellates! We got everyone else to the shore line and we got to hear everyone’s gasps as they discovered the bio-luminescent plankton.  I’m such a geek.


And actually the govt being shut down…culminated in probably the best anniversary that we’ve ever had!

One of the biggest missions was to find the “good” salt water taffey, since the company I’d discovered last year was closed for the end of the season. On one of the last days I found the delicious savory taffy across from Jockey’s Ridge! Success!


And there is always time for shopping!

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Fall is definitely the best time to go the beach. The beach is empty, traffic isn’t a night mare, and the weather is still amazing!



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