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I’ve been behind on blogging for awhile now, just because life tends to get away from me. However a few weeks ago I was drafting a blog post about my recent Kindle troubles. I wrote the entire article, then was adding pictures. When I was trying to upload them I received an error message stating that my Picasa account was filled with its 1 gig of free space.

Apparently, when you use blogspot your pictures are uploaded to your google Picasa account, and you only get 1 gig of free space. I should have realized that something was hosting the pictures but it never dawned on me, as I threw picture after picture on my posts.

So, after receiving that message it seemed that I had a few options. I could upgrade/pay for more gig space through google, or post/link my pictures through another service like Dropbox etc. Husband was willing to pay the $2.95 a month to get the added gig space, he sweetly knows how important my blog is to me, and wouldn’t want to see me stop blogging. However, I knew that $30 per year would make me question each picture that I uploaded, wondering if it was really worth adding to the article.

Therefore, it seemed that it would make the most sense to go ahead and move my entire blog to be hosted on my husband’s website. This would allow me to never have to worry about photo storage issues, and I could buy my own personalized domain. After a few years of posting content my blog was getting about 1,000 views the last couple of months, and it made sense to go ahead and make the transition now, rather than later.

Migrating the posts from blogspot to wordpress was surprisingly easy! You sign into your wordpress site and while on the Dashboard click on “Tools.” Then click on “Import” and “Blogger.” You will need to log in with your blogspot information, and then click “The Magic Button” next to the blog posts that you want to import. After a few minutes the tool had imported all 80+ of my posts and posted them on the wordpress site with the same time stamps and comments!

Then, began the frustrating process of redesigning my blog. This was frustrating because I was unfamiliar with wordpress. It is slightly more complicated than blogger, but only because the user is allowed so many more customization options! The largest part of my struggle was honestly finding terrible free templates, in which several options didn’t exist or were broken. I would highly recommend the Evolve template, it is VERY user friendly with lots of workable options.

Finally, while husband was working on setting up my new address, there was one more thing that I wanted to do in order to finalize the transition. I wanted to see if the traffic from the other blog could be redirected to this blog. Several posts were already searchable, so I wanted to keep that. Husband told me that he’d need to take some time to do some research. I wanted to be done with it all already, as I was already so behind on posting.

So, my impatient prideful self decided to google it. That was how I had discovered how to migrate the posts over anyways. I found this article at It seemed easy enough. I followed the directions and copied the javascript code. I wasn’t dumb, I hit the preview link on the blog to see if it would work. When it transferred to the new blog seamlessly I hit “apply.” Beaming, I walked into my husband’s office and told him to go to the previous blog address. I stopped beaming when I was shown a different page that said that the blog was deleted.

Checking my email, I found that I’d received one stating that the blog was marked as spam due to “malicious javascript” and that I could apply to have it reviewed, otherwise it would soon be permanently deleted. I submitted the review process and was told that I’d be updated soon.

I think it was the next that I was emailed. I was informed that the blog was reinstated. Husband advised that the javascript code be removed immediately, so that way it wouldn’t be flagged again. Instead, there is simply a “I’ve moved post” at the old blog.

Some of this may have felt more technical and boring, thanks for sticking with me through it. Just figured I’d mention my experience so no one else has to almost get their blog deleted!

I’m excited that you all will be joining me for many more posts at this website :0)

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