Used Social Media at Work

Week #30 total into internship and over halfway into my 2nd semester. Here are the hour counts: 103.75 face to face hours, 15.25 individual supervision, 13 group supervision hours, and 289 related activities hours for a grand total of 421 hours. I’m getting sooo close, but the bane of my existence is that I’m not even halfway there with regards to my face to face hours.

The summer has been much slower than I anticipated. There is an overall reduction in cases, and specifically there have been very few non insurance clients to begin, all of the non-licensed folk are struggling at my office. In my area there are several organizations/churches that offer free counseling. The counselors at my office speculate that that is why they’ve seen less clients for the interns here over the past few years.

However, the slowness, and only having 2 individual clients (with another 2 or so cotherapy clients) turned out to be very convenient when I fractured my spine in an accident a few weeks ago. I stayed home to rest for a week, and I only missed a few cotherapy appointments.

This lent an interesting experience in learning what is appropriate to share with clients and what is not. I asked my supervisor for guidance, knowing that my clients would notice me hobbling around and ask what was wrong. My supervisor and I discussed how I could share this to update them, without “making it all about me.”

When I’m not stalking the other counselors to see their upcoming sessions to do cotherapy, I’ve been working on increasing our social media presence. We only have one standard social media outlet currently, and I have been explaining to my supervisor that using it regularly will help create traffic and get our clients “talking.” I did not major in communication, but I would say I’ve learned as a member of the “social media” generation.

My thoughts are that if we use the page more frequently, people may share our articles which helps other people visit our page and either attend counseling for themselves or recommend to others. Of course, social media use in the counseling profession is different from other products in that most people prefer to remain anonymous. However, some do not; their “liking” of our page is on a volunteer basis. The goal is to create a regular schedule¬†to share inspirational pictures, share articles/pictures from other counseling sites, and write our own articles and book reviews. Social media is a free advertising source to take advantage of.

Meanwhile, I’m praying that God will open up the flood gates come August (I figure a few more weeks to give my back to heal to adjust to such a busy schedule ;0) ).

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