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As the popularity of a previous post has verbalized, concealed carry for women is difficult. I go through phases were sometimes I open carry more, but then there are locations where I need to conceal carry (like church). Once you learn the fundamentals it is pretty easy to create the outfit…but I was still excited and wanted to post it on Instagram. Then, I had this really cool idea: What if there was a firearm themed “OoTD” (Outfit of the Day) hashtag on social media?

#AWOoTD or Armed Woman Outfit of the Day

Who: A club just for the ladies this time (sorry guys)

What:  Carrying or with a pistol, revolver, rifle, shotgun…or even a giant machine gun strapped to the top of a tank. Open carry and concealed carry would be appreciated equally (seriously, ladies let’s be friends in this area even if the guys can’t).

Where/When: Out for a day with girl friends, range trips, grocery store trips, walking the beagle, or even taking your kids to the park.

Why: Concealed carry outfit inspiration, showcase our everyday lives, remind media that the pro gun movement has just as many females (refusing to be silenced).

Concealed carrying is challenging, especially to achieve it while also attempting to feel comfortable, fashionable, and functioning in our fast paced lives. (I’m picturing you mommies who run after the kiddos, you can’t be pulling your cover garments down all day, who’s got time for that ;0)) Therefore, if we use collage photos to show each other how to accomplish this, we could aggregate all of these ideas together. I’d love to see all of the ideas that one of you creative ladies have discovered that hasn’t even crossed my mind.

I once read an article in the UK version of a fashion magazine. The author/photographer came to the United States studying the rise of popularity of firearms among women. I really admired the “everyday” images of her walking her dog, and doing chores at her house. Seeing these photos could reveal our diversity, and how much we care about incorporating these tools for protection into our daily lives. These pictures could help introduce women into the idea of regular carrying instead of feeling so intimidated.

Finally, I was just at a political rally in my state’s capital where we visited the delegates to share our opinion on upcoming legislature. There were many women, but somehow the other sides literally tend to cut us out of the picture. The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence skewed this ad/image:


Firstly, they are twisting words completely out of context and demeaning a very nice man who sacrifices for Virginia’s gun rights. Secondly, the comments on the Facebook post where this image could be found were awful! This group assumed the stereotype that more women are in the anti gun movement. When these groups do this, they are literally silencing the voices of the women who were there. They tell us that we “don’t count” and basically that we “don’t exist.”

Women are easily the fastest group of firearm owners out there, and we do not tend to be as argumentative with each other over debates like “AR vs AK, or open carry vs. conceal carry” but we are not very loud either. We are pretty quiet. Therefore, I think that if we shared our passions on social media, I think they would have to stop ignoring us.

Share this with your girlfriends and let’s get this social media party started! (I know there is already the hashtag “Women and Guns” but really a lot of those posts must be for the ogling guys as they are sexualized).

Let’s showcase our vibrant community! I’m excited to meet/see all of you! This definitely wouldn’t be possible without all of you lovely ladies out there. :0)

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