Tried To Reconnect and Soar

Once upon a time I began the year, so excited to connect with a live out this idea of soaring in my life. For the first few months it was easy to connect with my word and see growth in my life. I even completed the One Little Word prompts within a few days of the assignment being posted.

But then, I had this life altering event called starting a new job, so I allocated all of my attention and energies towards learning and coping this new job. It has had its ups and downs, but realizing I’ve been there for 4 months, I’m ready to meet with my word again.

So last weekend I sat down and completed several prompts. It was a good opportunity to recognize the disconnect with my word over the past few months, but it was also a time to realize that I can always restart…it isn’t over. I’m thankful for a chance to begin again šŸ™‚

Also, I came up with this Ah-mazing acronym for my one word “Soar” (I promise you that my best friends will approve oh so much!) Stop Over Analyzing Relationships

Here are pictures of my prompts:














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