Traveled With My Valentine



Last Valentine’s Day I shared  about how I met my husband, and how I didn’t like him at first sight.

This Valentine’s Day, I’ll tell the story about one of my favorite gifts received.

Before we were dating, in our “talking” phase he showed up at my window and presented me with one of those stuffed animals with the long arms and Velcro paws and said, “Here’s a hug from your monkey” :0) He didn’t know this, but I’d always wanted one of those from all of the field trips in school.

My husband and I have taken a few trips together: our honeymoon, and a few trips to Nags Head, but for the most part I travel alone. I’ve been blessed and had amazing opportunities to travel on mission trips. Pretty much once a year from 2006 I was able to leave the country.

So what I do, beginning in college, when we were apart, I brought this monkey with me. It’s fun to remember that, snuggle with it, when Florida and Winter Storm Pax have currently kidnapped me.

Sometimes people have toys like this to take out into the country. All of my pictures are just of my sleeping quarters, instead of the exotic vistas. I have more pictures at home, but here are a few of the journeys this monkey has taken with me over the years:

Brazil 2007


 Thailand 2009

JamaicaMonkey2010Jamaica 2010

I didn’t bring the monkey with me to Italy in 2011. The teammates had thought it was silly in 2010 that I was “sleeping with a stuffed animal.” In Italy I was unable to sleep well the first few nights :0(. So I brought him to Italy with me in 2012!

When I left for Florida to visit my dad, I made sure to bring him with me. Velcroing his paws around my neck  has helped when there have been extra days spent away from my husband. Hopefully, the storm has moved far enough north, and the airports will be clear, for me to be able to see my Valentine on Valentine’s Day!


Florida 2014

(Random fact, wordpress is currently my enemy and won’t let me change the rotation of above picture :-/)

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