Traveled to Ireland

A few months ago my brother called me to let me know he’d be in the state, and we tried to meet up (though it didn’t work out). He was going to be visiting his girlfriend, Cristina. The week he called me though, she was getting ready to visit Ireland. I took the opportunity to ask if he could ask her to get me some sort of keychain or something with “Erin” written on it.

For those of you who do not know…Erin.. is a poetic name for the country of Ireland (technically the Republic of Ireland). Often this can be heard in the phrase, “Erin go Bragh” this means “Ireland forever.” So…I’ve always wanted to go there…I figured they think I was pretty cool…and I could find my name in some pretty Gaelic calligraphy.
Cristina had another friend “Erin” so she already understood the name thing and said she’d try. A few weeks ago my brother sent it to me and this is what I got when I opened the package: she had found a pretty neat keychain that has an actual tiny clover inside it, and family crest pins for my maiden and married name. I adore these! I can’t wait to find some way to display these in the apartment, maybe with an Irish flag.
When I travel around (which I’d love to travel to Ireland, throughout Europe, Egypt, Australia, and Israel among others) I love to collect different momentos including: wall hangings, figurines, clothing, jewelry, purses, and coins. Currently these are mostly spread throughout the living room. Whenever I have a house, I think I’d like to theme each room a different country or region. But for now here are some of my decorations:
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