Transitioned to Work: Talus Recovery (4 months)

The past two weeks of returning to work have been rough in some ways that I have anticipated and some that have been completely overwhelming.

In transitioning to work my doctor listed guidelines of what I can and cannot do, and my work created a temporary adjustment to my work duties. Right now I’m basically off school cases because I can’t walk fast nor long distances. I miss them as I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at school cases. I’m also not allowed to work with violent clients or ones who are likely to run away.

I warned my supervisor that I’m different right now, that emotionally, I’m not who I have been. Thankfully, she isn’t afraid of things like that. I’ve had two moments of crying to her reaching my limit, and each time she’s helped coached me through making some adjustments to make this easier.

At first I was completely overwhelmed at work due to the number of clinicians and clients in the office. We are all on agency cases versus being at school, because that is where the needs have been. It didn’t dawn on me later that my social anxieties have also not been tested much over the summer while I haven’t been seeing people, but that all of my insecurities would come out in full force when back with my coworkers. I’ve felt worried, feeling slow, and not sure where I fit in, in the team spirit since I was out so long.

By the end of the first week I felt more like I was getting in the groove of scheduling our programs and working with out clients. “Its all coming back to me now…”

The weekend I was simply exhausted and disappointed that, once again, any and all creative goals as well as house cleaning goals took a back seat to rest and tv watching.

Monday I was encouraged watching the magic that happens when we provide services for clients. What happens when they really take the advice and materials that we are teaching and apply them. We took them to the park and it was amazing watching them blow bubbles and just enjoy the atmosphere.

Later we had a team retreat luncheon at a local sushi buffet was sooo good! I loved being back with my team!


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