Toured Old Town Scottsdale

There are literally so many different things to do in Phoenix Arizona, and shopping is always one of my favorite things to do. I also kind of enjoy the touristy things…like an outdoor shopping area with an old western theme…winning!


We explored the pretty area.

2014-02-Arizona_1279 2014-02-Arizona_1296 2014-02-Arizona_1298

I found my husband the best gift, ever!


There was a free trolley ride, so I thought that would be fun to get a better idea of the places we didn’t shop once we got tired. We rode the whole way around and I saw that there was more of the mall with name brand areas.


One of the best moments was seeing gelateria near to where we parked the car. Of course I had to treat my mother and share with her the most amazing treat ever!



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