Toured Old City Cemetery

Saturday, we continued our recent pattern of photography excursions about the city. We decided to check out an old cemetery in our area. I had heard a lot about its beauty. Many wedding and engagement photo shoots take place here!


We drove there, and realized that the still functioning cemetery was set up much like an outdoor museum. The old houses were set up with window displays, and a voice box you could push for information. Of course, we pushed the button, to subsequently be entertained by an educational speech using older English colloquialisms!


As soon as we arrived darker storm clouds began to creep in, and the thunder roared in warning. The wind wasn’t blowing in strong yet, so we decided to venture around.

IMG_5848edit IMG_5816edit

We walked around maybe a 1/3 of the property overall. We explored where there are many grave stones of soldiers from the Civil War.


One of the funniest moments was when I realized my poor pink Vibrams had become attached to yucky pink gum :/. It’s okay. Husband was quick to the rescue with his ever handy pocket knife to scrape most of it away.


There was also a butterfly garden with a lotus pond where we spent most of our time. At that point I just enjoyed watching the husband look like a frog as he attempted to capture the image of a hidden frog in the rocks around the small pond.

IMG_6056edit IMG_6034edit IMG_6001edit IMG_5936edit




IMG_3854 IMG_3847

We definitely enjoyed our time and hope to return. There is a rose garden filled with many antique roses that we missed somehow.




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