Toured Chinatown and Little Italy

While in New York City, I wanted to see the more international side of the city, and it was as close as I came to leaving the country in 2014.


We were already near the Brooklyn Bridge and I’d read that Chinatown and Little Italy were within walking distance of the Brooklyn Bridge…sure its within walking distance but that is still several blocks worth of walking.

Chinatown was everything that I’d imagined. I loved seeing the signs in different languages, seeing the open markets.

2014-05-NYC_1217 2014-05-NYC_977 2014-05-NYC_800

We found a stationary store which meant that I could find scrapbook stickers in Chinese!


Touring Chinatown and Little Italy turned into a date because our friends needed to head back to the hotel to put the little to sleep.

At one point hubby needed to use the restroom so we scampered into a mall that was part of one of the bridges! Also, we found some yummy candy in one of the shops.


We were tired from all of the walking around so we excused ourselves to wait around at a several storied McDonalds.


Husband saw a sketch artist and so we had our first goofy caricature done!


Little Italy was really small, as it seems that Chinatown as “taken over” but it still was a pleasure.

We purchased shirts from the “oldest gun store in America” and husband was happy.

2014-05-NYC_948 2014-05-NYC_585

I was happy to have yummy gelato to eat as I walked around all of the stores.


It was really just fun exploring the too of us. One day we’ll be able to go overseas together :0).

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