Taken Gummie Vitamins

Remember those chewable flintstone vitamins that you used to eat as kids? I remember them very well and its really the only time that I’ve taken vitamins regularly.

The husband has been sick since Saturday night/ Sunday morning (his last shift for the week), with a sinusy/cough/congestion. He’s been hoping to kick it through spending his “weekend” sleeping. Unfortunately it was still there. So, we went to Wal-Mart to get some vitamins, and I figured I’d take some too. The directors of Xtreme Impact (the missions organization that I work with) are currently out of the country leading a trip to Costa Rica, leaving the rest of the staff and volunteers to prepare for our final large  promotional event called College For a Weekend. I do not anticipate any problems,  all of the staff have participated in these events several times, however it does mean that I need to be on my A-game and NOT be sick.

Yes, those are officially horse pills!

The gummies definitely bring back the fun aspect of “taking your vitamins.” However, this also would make them really easy to overdoes on. I would not worry about overdosing on “C” that is water soluble…it will just get flushed out of your system. Vitamin “D”, on the other hand, is fat-soluble meaning that your body will store it longer. Thus, it is very easy to overdoes on. My friend found that out the hard way, she was taking a multi-vitamin and an additional supplement, and she felt sick/nauseated and finally figured it out. This could be especially dangerous for children, as the vitamins look and taste like candy. Currently though, I’d like to find a complete “multi-vitamin” in gummie format.I

n other news! I actually had a pretty ridiculously productive weekend (after being tortured in day long classes for two weeks!)

Notice all of those crossed off things!

I even folded a huge pile of laundry that had been washed and left in a chair  in the office for about two weeks!

After, all folded.

Being productive meant that I actually created a meal plan for the week in advance. That meant that by Sunday I already had a grocery list prepared! (Instead of the usual method of deciding that we need food and shopping while we are hungry. The only thing that jumps at you then is junk food, not the ingredients to make dinners).

Unfortunately, the planning of meals was not conducive with sick husband, who would rather be eating soup than anything else. I was able to find a quick recipe to replace my planned out meal for the night. I modified this recipe *Click Here* to make this:

Pre-baked, before the bisquick topping
I improvised. I used bisquick pancake mix instead of just bisquick
Easy, Quick Chicken Pot Pie.

It was Husband approved! And I appreciate that it was extremely simple! (I am still a very basic level cook). After eating he just went back to sleep. Hopefully, the poor guy will be feeling better soon, and I will be able to avoid his sick germs :0(

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