Taken a Photo-Shoot Near Dorm 1

Okay this “Never Have I Ever” is extremely laughable. Seriously, the moment husband begins to read this post there will be laughter erupting at the idea that I am not the crazy photograph everything woman that he  has come to know and love.

One particular photo shoot (my freshman year so May 2007) was after an event my friends called the “flip flop formal” in which all of our friends donned dresses (the guys in nice shirts, maybe a tie, and slacks). Then, we all put on flip flops and went to the local mini golf. That day was a blast, but easily the girls had the most fun posing for pictures in our dresses after the fact.

Me and Hubs - Flip Flop Formal Me at the Flip Flop Formal

Flip Flop Formal

Princess Down - Flip Flop Formal

Then in February 2008 as part of my special surprise “snow less snow day” husband took pictures around campus that were significant to us/our relationship, before the culmination of proposing at the bright neon star. This day was called the “snow less snow day” because in the first day of my school’s history they cancelled school the night before due to the threat of snow, and then the next day was the sunniest it had been all week!

Goofy Dorm 1 Dorm 1 us Dorm 2 Me Next to Dorm 2

Dorm 1 was the first dorm that I lived in during my stint on campus. Basically, it was an over glorified trailer park. It was “temporary housing” that has out lasted its purpose. Finally, the school has decided that they are going to demolish it to build taller dorms that will house more people in a nicer fashion. *Cue wanting to take some cute pictures before this landmark is destroyed*

When I lived in Dorm 1 I lived in the special room with the door and walkway outside of it. The door was remnant of when it was used as the ROTC building, and when I was living it in was sautered shut. (Couldn’t have us sneaking out after curfew you know!) Sitting in this dorm room on the 3rd day of non school I peered outside the window and was introduced to my roommate’s then boyfriend – now husband’s roommate, an exceedingly tall, obnoxious, and hairy fellow. Who knew that I’d fall in love with him and be married 3 years later.

With the new DSLR Canon t3i, I got a friend to take a few pictures of us in these special locations before they no longer exist!

Kissing Next to Dorm 1

Dorm 1


Beagle Family


Feet Dorm 1


Dorm 2

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