Enjoyed Beach Therapy: Talus Recovery (Week 11)

As a last minute thing during Week 11 post accident, we were able to join our friends on our annual beach trip. This year we were hoping to go on an international trip together this fall…but that is the kind of thing that gets postponed when you break your ankle. It so happened that our friends still had an empty room to fill and we were able to join after all!

Going to the beach, rewalking was still new enough that it was easier to feel thankful for every step I was able to take, and I was able to do them in another state!

We’d warned our friends that I might need more help when we asked about coming, since I’d only started walking, and they easily rose to the challenge. They were amazing bringing food/drinks so I didn’t have to walk so much and a few times I was even carried/given piggyback rides!

Historically (due to personality type) I struggle with resting, and this is always the most evident at the beach. Husband likes to completely veg out while on vacation, sleeping in late, just lazing around the beach house. No matter where I am I have a drive to do stuff and adventure. I’ve relaxed more so after having a consistent full time job, but it is something that still pulls us in opposite directions.

Seriously though, I keep myself so busy I volunteer to go with anyone even if they are just going to the grocery store, I beg to go with. I’ve come to the understanding that if I do a special trip or thing at the beginning of the beach trip then it is easier to relax the rest of the week because I’ve got the “exploring” out of my system.


This year you guys I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE PONIES (only they aren’t ponies as the guide chastised me on). There was expected to be hurricaney weather later in the week ( which has caused me to have the tour cancelled 2 years in a row) so the first morning (Sunday) I started seeing if it would be possible and husband agreed! It was amazing! I loved the thrill of using my giant lens. We sat right behind the driver and found out he was actually from our neck of the woods as well. The real adventure was driving back along the 4X4 beach as the waves were higher from the storm, in some places there was very little beach to drive on. The foam from the waves was everywhere.

There was some rough weather but we still had fun.

It truly amazed me how much I felt like I did during this trip, despite that I did so much less than I normally do. For example, I only walked down to the beach like 2x (though a couple more if you include pictures), I only went to the grocery store once. I skipped several stores that I normally travel to. I still felt exhausted doing the few things that I did. It helped provide some insight into the need to truly learn was REST is in my life.

We made it out to the outlets which I’m so grateful I was still able to rent my knee scooter.

I used the house elevator, and everyone joked that it was like I just “appeared” everywhere, it was great.

I was proud of myself for being creative about getting my boot down to the ocean. I’d cover it with a trash bag and secure it with washi tape. Then once at the ocean side I’d walk barefoot some. We also purchased these things called “sand pads” to help make my crutches stable in the sand. I felt like Ms. Wonder Woman herself proudly standing at the water edge.

My foot loved the pool therapy I was able to do. It felt so freeing to “walk” in the pool and not need crutches or other supports.

It was the perfect boost that I needed to help launch me from my couch time to transition towards going back to work!

Reclined Like a Roman: Talus Recovery (Weeks Five & Six)

Sorry its been so long, but here are some details from my weeks 5 and 6 post injury, and the week 3 and 4 after surgery.

I was able to get out a few times, but only with “toes above the nose” which by far has been my least favorite phrase throughout the recovery process. This, for you non injured folks, means reclining such that not only is my foot elevated, but it is elevated so much that your toes are higher than your nose. It really isn’t fun, but I appreciate how it decreased pain and swelling.

My main adventure of week 5 was visiting my family in Maryland. Most years my husband’s family gathers for a family reunion, and this year it was in Maryland. It turned out that the majority of the family was going to be there, so we decided to make the 4-5 hour drive. We didn’t make the car ride pleasantly.

I was in the back seat propped up with pillows, while the dog took my seat. I quickly realized that this made me sick so I took my first Dramamine. It definitely could have been worse, but I learned for the way home that you want to have a pillow under yourself as well. When you sit at that angle you aren’t sitting on the plush part of your tush, just fyi.

The reunion was amazing. I was in a wheel chair but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself. I played corn hole (not placing any foot on my injured foot by the way). Ate yummy food. Rediscovered an appreciation for Maryland crabs (you can totally eat the legs). Took lots of pictures, including with my cousin who also had an injury. It was fun to people watch from my wheel chair and DSLR.


Week #6 was about reclining with my brother and his new wife! I hadn’t seen my brother since 2014. He volunteered to come visit so I could meet his bride. I didn’t know what to expect and she humbled me by being such a kindred spirit. :0)

We spent time playing pokemon go, raiding and defeating legendary birds (I actually captured one), he treated me to giant yummy pizza, and a fun trip to michaels. It was pretty wonderful. We haven’t maintained the best connection the past few years, but I’m excited to see what the future brings.


Kissed an Alpaca in Amish Country

2015-09-New York Trip_12

This was another year where I did not have the chance to leave the country, but I was able to visit an Amish community and appreciate their culture. Husband and I drove to his hometown area to watch friends be wedded, so my mother in law, and sister in law decided to visit Amish country.

2015-09-New York Trip_28

Of course, you aren’t allowed to take their pictures, so I made sure to bring my pancake lens. The children all scurried away from me anyways whenever the camera would point in their direction (when I wasn’t paying attention).

2015-09-New York Trip_19

One of the first places we visited was a toy shop. We were some of the only customers. After exploring and making our purchases the shop owner decided to have fun with us. He had made these contraptions meant to play tricks/gags on people. I didn’t play along, I struggle with being made to look silly, but my sister in law was nice enough to try to figure the puzzles out.

2015-09-New York Trip_29

2015-09-New York Trip_17

The area was absolutely beautiful. There were houses on hills, around dirt roads. It was a quiet area, and it felt like we were in another country.

2015-09-New York Trip_114

We also made sure to visited a quilt shop. We spoke with the shop owner at length while we browsed the items. The handmade items were gorgeous and made with intricate detail. While browsing I kept thinking about how my best friends would be moving to a different state soon taking their 2 year old (now 3 year old) with them. I was heart broken, so I kept picking out presents for her. I mentioned this to the shop owner, and she shared about how her children were moving to a different house further in the area, and she was also sad that she would not see her grand children as often. Sure, my friend was moving states away, and her family was only moving a few miles away, but due to their limited technology the distance would feel the same. It was neat to share that despite our cultural differences.

2015-09-New York Trip_108


In the area, not owned by the Amish was an Alpaca farm. We toured the pens, learning everything that we could ever think to ask about Alpaca’s. The owner teased us into kissing them, and of course my sister in law and I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity!

2015-09-New York Trip_107 2015-09-New York Trip_101

I’d never been up close to an Alpaca before, and I was struck by how laid back their personalities were. There were some young ones, cousins, and if the babies went to the other mothers they’d spit at them, so that was entertaining to watch.

2015-09-New York Trip_48 2015-09-New York Trip_40

And of course, we couldn’t leave without getting some yummy handmade fudge!

I hope 2016 also has some fun travels :0)

Experienced a Flamethrower

Another “Favorite Unblogged Moment of 2015”

When our anniversary plans were altered at the Outerbanks because of Hurricane Joaquin, we did a small outing together, but decided to post pone our celebration.

Locally there is a large tank museum that we’ve wanted to see, and husby shared that the weekend we planned to celebrate our 6th anniversary, they were doing a flamethrower demonstration. At first I hesitated, daydreaming about a romantic fall venture complete with facebook profile picture worthy photo shoot, but then I realized that likely husband would have the most fun watch the flame throwers, and I was going to enjoy best whatever he was actually interested in, as I obtain so much of my energy from authentic enjoyment. But that is what marriage is about, right, compromise?


The museum’s controlled attitude was a surprise, as we laughed at all of the signs and that the flash of my camera would hurt the tanks, but embraced our adventure.


IMG_5390 IMG_5378 IMG_5336

We watched the flamethrower demonstration, and it was sobering to think of its use in war.


IMG_5368 IMG_5359

Our adorable anniversary photo? Totally on a tank. Didn’t you know the 6th anniversary is customarily tanks?



Marveled at a Lindsey Stirling Concert

Another in the “Favorite 2015 Unblogged Moments” series.

Randomly, I discovered Lindsey Stirling and her unique sound of dubstep beats mixed with classic violin via Pandora, and she’s been on of my favorite artists since. Her story of overcoming a horrible critic during America’s Got Talent, is inspiring.

2015-06-20 16.41.09

In 2015 I was lucky enough to attend one of her concerts in Charlottesville, plus it was a fun opportunity to grab a meal with friends that live in the area. We ate at Citizen Burger.

2015-06-20 17.11.48 2015-06-20 17.11.23

Our friends brought their dog with them, so we decided to try to eat outside on the patio, braving the mean looking skies. We figured, hey, there are umbrellas, right? And we were warned by the wait staff that we could be outside as long as it wasn’t windy enough to take down the umbrellas.

2015-06-20 17.35.48 2015-06-20 17.35.19

Well, a few minutes later, and ALL THE RAIN happened. We ended up sitting across a couple we didn’t know in an effort to have everyone seated quickly so we could make it to the concert. I was incredibly nervous, especially as the most extroverted of the remaining of us (the guy went to return their dog to their home). We made some small talk, discovered they were also going to the concert, it was fun.


I really enjoyed the opening performances, though I’d never heard of EchoSmith before I was quickly singing “wish that I could like like the cool kids…”

IMG_5377 IMG_5382

The excitement to see Lindsey Stirling perform was palpable. I’d only brought my small pocket camera, fearing the predicted rain. This turns out, was a very wise decision as the water flowed down the sloped amphitheater.

IMG_5367 IMG_5366

I pushed my way to the side front to snap some better pictures. I found myself down there when one of the dancers through some sort of black cloth towards the audience. I believe it was some sort of clothing prop. Somehow I managed to catch the thing! My victory was short lived as another guy also co-caught it at the same time. I tried to persuade him to let me have it, playing the girl card, but the girl that seemed to be the leader of his small group also decided to paw at it. I realized that they were never going to let it go, so I resigned myself to have a fun story to tell, rather than a physical object. Le sigh.


It was incredible to see the concert with my best friend R-Belle as she kept fangirling over all of the dancers. I learned that many of them had recently been on “So You Think You Can Dance.”


Turning the flash off, and snapping quickly to hoping to freeze the motion, I managed to get some fun pictures.

IMG_5432 IMG_5446 IMG_5475 IMG_5476

I hope to get to see her again in concert, and definitely upgrading to the meet and greet VIP package.



Celebrated the 71st Anniversary of DDay

Another post in the “Favorite Unblogged 2015 Moments” series.

My in laws tend to visit in June when they can, and we found ourselves near the DDay Memorial on the 71st Anniversary! I was excited about a fun opportunity, despite that husband was leery of the crowds. We visited later in the day and enjoyed the special events taking place. We missed the music and speakers, but there were still tents and many other things to explore.

2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_48 2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_45 2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_71

I think you’ll be able to tell from the pictures that husband actually ended up having the most fun of all of us on that very hot and sunny day. He enjoyed scoping out all of the different artillery.

2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_20

Plus, it was a fun chance to test out my new Tamron 24-70 2.8 lens. Apparently, working has its perks, even if it takes me away from fun things like blogging.

2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_134 2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_87 2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_23

This is BY FAR my favorite picture of the day, my husby, he’s kind of handsome.

2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_138

A friend of ours in the National Guard had the opportunity to travel to Normandy France for the 70th anniversary celebration ta-d0. I enjoy his stories of meeting people who lived there through the experience, and he enjoyed his trip so much that he plans to return for the 75th anniversary. This means I’ve got a couple more years to talk husby into it and save up!

2015-06-06- DDay Memorial_159


Watched Otters Play at Maymont

This is part of the “favorite moments of 2015 that I never blogged about” series. Once upon a time I started this thing called a career and since then I haven’t quiet figured out balance between work and personal life.



In January we always find ourselves in Richmond lobbying the capitol on Martin Luther King, Jr. day. With my love for adventure and travel I’ve been able to convince hubby to have us visit a stay a day early in order to explore. This past January we visited Maymont, detailed as “an American estate” I was curious about the animals and gardens on the 100 acre area.

IMG_8188 IMG_8185

It was slightly misty, rainy when we arrived, but we enjoyed it anyways!

IMG_8176 IMG_8155

There were all kinds of animals to enjoy, though many of them I couldn’t get good pictures of since I hadn’t brought my longer lens, the black bear and bald eagles were further away.



Inside one of the buildings is a petting zoo, despite that most of the animals weren’t out and about because of the rainyish weather.


Husby and I walked around in the Nature Center, exploring it like children. It was entertaining to watch him and capture fun moments to digital film.

IMG_8351 IMG_8315

Husby was trying to get the fish to follow his face, and I’m pretty sure it did!

My favorite moment at all during the day was watching the otter play. A young boy had brought a soccer ball with him, and rolling it around, discovered that the otter interacted with him, and pawed at the glass to get the ball. It was one of those moments as a photographer that you hope for, I couldn’t get enough pictures of the otter displaying his famed personality :0).

IMG_8395 IMG_8389

In that one, you can just see his sad little puppy dog eyes as he couldn’t get to the ball and really play with the little boy.



Otter paws! The otter would press its paws against the glass, before spinning/turning around, and zooming in the other direction.

I can’t wait to find myself in Richmond again soon so I can explore Maymont some more! In googling the website again they seem to offer animal encounters now, even more specialized animal experiences! I might need to add some of these to my 2016 list!



Reviewed My 2014 Travels

Unlike any other year, because of my brief stint in a full time soul-consuming job, I became behind in my life documentation practices (both scrapbooking and blogging). Also posts were delayed due to taking thousands of pictures with the DSLR in each trip that required sorting and editing.

The main thing that sticks out to me about 2014 were all of my amazing opportunities to travel across the United States! I traveled more this past year than I have in many years, even if I never left the country. And in these travels, it wasn’t just about the places I got to see, or the ways in which I was entertained, I was changed by my experiences in these new locales. Plus, I was able to deepen my relationships with others in the process.

So here is the list and review of all of those wonderful memories that I’m finally posting about (in chronological order):

January: Richmond-Lobby Day, Walked Richmond’s Canals


February: Florida- Fallen in Love with the Emerald Coast, Fed Penguins at the Gulfarium, Piloted a Ship, Been Snowed-In in Florida


Arizona- Discovered Desert Beauty, Toured Old Town ScottsdaleVisited My Mom in Arizona


May: Visited New York City, Toured Chinatown and Little Italy, Seen Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway


SummerBeen Pickpocked at the Fair

2014-07-12 16.50.30

SeptemberExplored Manteo in OBX


October: Staycationed at Smith Mountain Lake


NovemberNature-walked with Family

2014-11-04-Mom and Mike Visit_980edit

December: Celebrated My 27th Birthday, Pet a Penguin at Busch Garden’s Christmas Town, Christmas Towned at Busch Gardens,

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_920

Upstate NY- Christmas’d in Upstate New York in 2014, Toured the Zippo Case Museum


Here is to traveling with you in 2015 (in a more timely manner of course)!

Visited the Zippo Case Museum

Because I get a little stir crazy during vacations my Italian Mama Bama coordinated with the husband to plan a quick day trip. We went to Bradford, PA to see the Zippo/Case museum. This was a fun trip for my hubby and siblings when they were kids. PLUS, I’m kind of afraid of lighters. (I know so weird, since I’m not afraid of firearms). So we thought it would be fun to get me a nice lighter to get acquainted with :0).


It is a small museum, but fun to walk through. I had no idea the type of legacy that zippo lighters have. There were many examples of lighters lasting through the wars being inscribed with personal information of soldiers. It was neat to think about what those lighters had witnessed in foxholes overseas.


Plus, there were all kinds of decorated Zippos with famous musicians and cute Mickey designs.

IMG_7494 IMG_7493

A fun family trip.

IMG_7519 IMG_7456 IMG_7451 IMG_7442

Now, look at this cute tactical pink lighter.2014-12-23 18.32.10

Christmas Towned at Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens would open for Christmas festivities when I move away from the tidewater. BUT, in 2014 I finally got to go!

After an awesome time getting to meet a penguin, we explored Williamsburg, and then returned to the park.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_388

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_394

I’d read to get there early, and I would definitely agree with this. The rides have shorter lines, and the air is slightly less chilly for the wind in your face rides.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_406 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_432

It was sad to not revisit my roller coaster favs of Apollo’s Chariot and Loch Ness Monster, but it was great all the same.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_562 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_524

We purposely took our time, and I enjoyed having a photographer to take pictures since he didn’t enjoy the rides as much.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_669 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_596 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_579 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_566 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_899

The best time to photograph the lights is during the golden hour when the sun sets but there is still some light. However, husband and I ended up catching the Scrooge, No More show at this time, so whoops.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_704 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1016 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_738

The lights were pretty, even if challenging to photograph.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1122 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_969 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_920 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_914 2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_838

I’m glad to say that we did the park trip up right. We took our time, circled the park once in daylight and another in the dark. We sat down and people watched over wassail, funnel cake, hot prezels, and hot chocolate. For the record, they sell hot chocolate everywhere at kiosks around the park, but if you want more options get your hot chocolate from the Cocoa Cafe in Holiday Hills.

2014-12-05 Busch Gardens_1121

A fun date night, but somehow I neglected to get a picture of the both of us :-/.