Enjoyed Beach Therapy: Talus Recovery (Week 11)

As a last minute thing during Week 11 post accident, we were able to join our friends on our annual beach trip. This year we were hoping to go on an international trip together this fall…but that is the kind of thing that gets postponed when you break your ankle. It so happened that our friends still had an empty room to fill and we were able to join after all!

Going to the beach, rewalking was still new enough that it was easier to feel thankful for every step I was able to take, and I was able to do them in another state!

We’d warned our friends that I might need more help when we asked about coming, since I’d only started walking, and they easily rose to the challenge. They were amazing bringing food/drinks so I didn’t have to walk so much and a few times I was even carried/given piggyback rides!

Historically (due to personality type) I struggle with resting, and this is always the most evident at the beach. Husband likes to completely veg out while on vacation, sleeping in late, just lazing around the beach house. No matter where I am I have a drive to do stuff and adventure. I’ve relaxed more so after having a consistent full time job, but it is something that still pulls us in opposite directions.

Seriously though, I keep myself so busy I volunteer to go with anyone even if they are just going to the grocery store, I beg to go with. I’ve come to the understanding that if I do a special trip or thing at the beginning of the beach trip then it is easier to relax the rest of the week because I’ve got the “exploring” out of my system.


This year you guys I FINALLY GOT TO SEE THE PONIES (only they aren’t ponies as the guide chastised me on). There was expected to be hurricaney weather later in the week ( which has caused me to have the tour cancelled 2 years in a row) so the first morning (Sunday) I started seeing if it would be possible and husband agreed! It was amazing! I loved the thrill of using my giant lens. We sat right behind the driver and found out he was actually from our neck of the woods as well. The real adventure was driving back along the 4X4 beach as the waves were higher from the storm, in some places there was very little beach to drive on. The foam from the waves was everywhere.

There was some rough weather but we still had fun.

It truly amazed me how much I felt like I did during this trip, despite that I did so much less than I normally do. For example, I only walked down to the beach like 2x (though a couple more if you include pictures), I only went to the grocery store once. I skipped several stores that I normally travel to. I still felt exhausted doing the few things that I did. It helped provide some insight into the need to truly learn was REST is in my life.

We made it out to the outlets which I’m so grateful I was still able to rent my knee scooter.

I used the house elevator, and everyone joked that it was like I just “appeared” everywhere, it was great.

I was proud of myself for being creative about getting my boot down to the ocean. I’d cover it with a trash bag and secure it with washi tape. Then once at the ocean side I’d walk barefoot some. We also purchased these things called “sand pads” to help make my crutches stable in the sand. I felt like Ms. Wonder Woman herself proudly standing at the water edge.

My foot loved the pool therapy I was able to do. It felt so freeing to “walk” in the pool and not need crutches or other supports.

It was the perfect boost that I needed to help launch me from my couch time to transition towards going back to work!