Returned to Walking: Talus Recovery (2 months)

Its been a long road that has certainly picked up speed since I’ve been allowed to start walking on my boot. Everyone comments to me that 8 weeks of couch rest must have been terrible, but honestly even with my bad days, I think it was the easier part.

On August 30th, I had my 2 month (since accident) follow up with my surgeon. I was anxious about this appointment, anxious to know what my next phase of recovery would be like, if I’d be able to walk at all at our beach trip in a few weeks, how everything was healing.

I took more xrays, nurses were entertained by my “Wonder Woman” styled boot, husband and I took some pictures and teased each other to distract from nerves.

My doctor came in and showed us the scans. He says the hardware looks good, he points to an area in the scan and says some fancy $5 words that later I realized were “Hawkins sign.” He says “this indicates good blood flow and no current signs of avascular necrosis (death of the bone and high risk complication of this particular bone break).  We released the breaths we didn’t realize that we were holding, and I wanted to cry happy tears. Then, he says that I can actually start walking in the boot with crutch support as needed, and would begin “aggressive” physical therapy soon.

I was excited that I could move around, and I quickly discovered that sometimes I needed 1 or NO crutches. I could actually move stuff around and walk at the same time!

Husband and I went to a friend’s wedding later that weekend, one that I’d been eyeing on our calendars and thankful that I was no longer wheelchair bound at this point. Husband had been to the ER that Friday night/Saturday morning due to pain and numbness in his shoulder. Later, we guessed it was from helping to pick me up over the door frame to leave the house and into the tub to bathe. He was sore for awhile, but we didn’t let us stop us at this wedding.

Combined with catching up with friends we hadn’t seen in awhile, this wedding was a good opportunity to let loose. I was stubborn and determined, I walked around with my moonboot and crutches, but I left them at the table for some songs and did this shuffling around that I called dancing. Husband even spun me a few times :0) It was pretty magical, and fun to dance to lyrics like “When your legs don’t work like they used to before…” bahahha.

Well, I paid for that night of fun and crutch freedom. I was sore the next week! That is when I started to feel discouraged, I hadn’t anticipated the way that returning to walk would be…slow and painful. I felt frustrated because although difficult, I had developed a daily routine in my wheelchair status. After I adjusted my perceptions things started to be better.

Other adventures involved watching Newsies with friends (where I debated dressing up like one of the characters has he also used crutches…and was also appalled at how much dancing a guy with a limp can do!) It was amazing catching up with one of my XI friends who was in the cast as well!

And we visited the local fair. I was really hoping to purchase tickets to ride the carosel so I could ride with my boot proudly displayed, but once we got there realized that it was more “kid sized.” O well…probably shouldn’t have even thought about riding it in the first place…at least the barbeque nachos were yummy! (Plus thats when I decided that I wanted to do Nachos for my birthday)