Wonder Woman’d My Air Cast : Talus Recovery (Week Four)

4 weeks post injury, 2 weeks after surgery.

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been living on couch/bedrest for an entire month!

This week was a busy week with several outings!

After church on Sunday I tried to catch an Articuno on pokemon go, we failed after multiple attempts due to lack of players, but it was still fun to try for it.

Tuesday was a double date with a very sweet friend of mine to see Valerian. We’d planned to see it together since hubby has been highly anticipating it, before I even broke my ankle.

We sat in the middle due to my wheelchair status. It was neat to have such a guaranteed good view. Also an excellent movie, I know understand why hubby does not consider Star Wars true sci fi. Incidentally, it also seems as if Star Wars copied Valerian (a French comic book series). I became obsessively interested for the night and ordered a physical book of the first volume of the comics. I think it would make a great tv series.

I decided to try to look cute and wore my new purple polka dotted minnie Lularoe leggings.

However, when I got home my poor feet were swollen again.

Wednesday was my next post op appointment. More xrays were taken and they actually showed them to me! Look at all that hardware. I also made the Physician Assistant’s eyes almost pop out of his head when stressing the importance of strict non weight bearing activities. (So what if I was asking about exercises like pool and stationary bikes….)

Then my stitches were removed. This means no wrapping and I can finally go back to taking showers again!

Weds night I got out of the house again for midweek church. (A friend recently stated when I phrase it like that I sound like a caged hamster…well…I mean…we both have wheels..)

With all of that getting out of the house I was pretty exhausted and felt less guilty about binge watching Big Bang Theory. But, I had envisioned a fun project, ordered supplies, and actually completed the project that evening!

I figured if I’m going to be wearing my air cast for the next at least 6 weeks (let alone whenever I transition to partial weight bearing) it might as well look cool. What looks cooler than the super woman of the summer: Wonder Woman. I just covered it with red masking tape and glitter washi type. #winning. I thought too seeing the “wonder woman ” boot might be more encouraging through physical therapy.

So overall, I’m taking things day by day. The pain usually isn’t too bad as long as my foot remains elevated and iced. Off and on I struggle with sleeping through the night just because it is hard to stay comfortable. Please keep praying for the bones to heal through union and there to be no damage to the blood supply (which could result in the death of the bone). I’ll find out more at my next scans in 4 weeks.

Nature Wheeled: Talus Recovery (Week Three)

It has been three weeks since my initial Talus fracture injury, and one week since surgery.

In an attempt to “stay ahead of the pain” I was faithful about taking my strong pain meds, to the point of setting an alarm to wake up in the middle of the morning (meaning I wasn’t sleeping very well either). After my body adjusted more and I relied on lowed level pain meds and ice therapy to dull pain I began to feel better.

During those first few days I had my sweet mother in law to take care of me. I was also able to be patient with myself, prescribing more tv binge watching: Downtown Abbey. By the time my MIL left we had watched 3 seasons!

My tune changed after a post op check in on the state of my stitches. Huge praise, the incision was healthy and infection free. In not so pleasant news, I’d not been wearing my boot due to discomfort so my foot struggled to lie flat. The brisk nurse forced me to get it flat to get it back in the boot correctly before we left. I bit back tears during this process.

While in town we stopped by the grocery store. The rest of the tears flooded out as my fears came back about painful physical therapy and the need to return to the stronger pain meds and forever feel sick. I blubbered by my MIL stayed sweet and asked if there was anything special she could get me from the store. I asked her for my comfort snack, gummy bears!

Waiting in the parking lot, and continuing to cry, I decided to log into my pokemon go account. Well I was surprised when a special like week only available pikachu with Ash hat was hanging out. I didn’t even need to move before it popped up! I was thankful for the silly blessing to help redirect my thoughts towards God’s companionship and positivity versus the unknown scary future.

Then, my MIL returned with several gummy bear packages (they were on sale) she said she figured it was enough to get me through the next few months!

This past week has been about “nesting” really settling into life on the couch. We purchased this pretty cart from Michaels to help me have more things near me (and to keep them organized).

Before MIL left we were able to arrange an outing. Camp Reset‘s movement challenge for the week included a nature photo scavenger hunt. I was dying to show MIL our favorite walk/park downtown.

Since the park was already downtown, I talked hubby into stopping by my very favorite giant pizza slice location. MIL was in shock at how big the slices are! I was thankful to actually eat sitting up, at a table!

Then we trekked to the river walk. I was thankful that hubby approved this one as more “wheel chair” friendly.

We took the “must have” picture at the love sign.

I tested out my arm muscles determined to wheel myself some, and quickly tired out, how do people wheel chair through entire 5ks?!

During this time period a new perspective has been revealed to me regarding those who need mobility devices like wheel chairs. I hadn’t expected to be able to get on the overlook platform and was elated to discover it actually had a wheel chair ramp. (I’d never noticed it before). I locked the wheel chair, and braced myself on the ledge, standing on one leg. I lost myself in the moment: hearing the music from an event, watching the flow of the river, and feeling the breeze on my skin.

After the appointment with the nurse I’d resigned myself to not have a nature trip outing, due to her insistence on elevating higher, more, in order to finally get the swelling of my foot back down. But, I was thankful that hubby had advocated for this knowing how much I’d emotionally need it.

We couldn’t scout down on the actually island, but we rolled the trail at little longer. I snapped a few more pictures, but didn’t stress myself out over finding everything on the scavenger list. I knew the importance was focusing on being present and that the list was to help us to “focus” on the things around us.

Afterward I was able to talk hubby into stopping at an ice cream place I’ve been oogling for like a year! It was nice to finish off my MIL’s time here with a memorable outing.

This isn’t a journey I would have chosen, but I’m determined to learn everything I can from it!

Had a Perfect Thanksgiving

Happy belated yummy turkey day! I hope everyone was able to spend some time resting and relaxing!


This year we decided to stay home and make our own small meal. Our families are far away or we’ve planned to see them for Christmas and most of out friends were out of town.

We had instant versions of all of the basics: mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, stuffing, apple pie, and green bean casserole. Well, I attempted to make the potatoes from scratch, but they bested me again this year. Mashed potatoes: 2, Erin: 0. I’m going to have my Italian Mama Bama show me the ways of the secret moment when the potatoes are boiled enough, but not over boiled. I think I was proudest of our simple precooked, pre-sliced chunk of turkey. Pfaw, like this lady could cook a turkey…



I took the customary pictures of our yummy spread (ooh did I mention the feta stuffed green olives?!) and joked about how “fancy” our meal was. However, upon clean up husband remarked that serving the food in Tupperware simplified the refrigeration process, so win!



One of us believes that turkey food is AhMahZing when the food touches, the other believes that the food must NOT touch at all. Which plate belongs to whom?


We purposed so spend this 4 day weekend relaxing, but even more fun, together! I am a huge quality time person, but I do better, my tank stays filled longer, with longer chunks of time versus small band aids of time.


Together we played computer games, ate leftovers, lounged in comfy clothes, stayed up till 4am, slept in past noon, laughed, joked, goofed off. It was really this incredible little exclusion from the rest of the world. ūüôā Yay for perfectly simple Thanksgivings!


Been Fully Recovered (Car Wreck Recovery Week #6)

I’ve just completed the last official recovery week, and along with it the majority of the summer. It is crazy to think that with the diagnosis of the break to my transverse process I believed that my adventures for the summer were over, but God has allowed me to heal so quickly! I’m definitely not perfectly healed yet, so I still ask for your prayers! I think the break has healed, my back feels fine. However, my right Ischial Tuberosity (aka your “sit bone”) has remained sore from the beginning, so I’m guessing I bruised it pretty badly. It only hurts when leaning on it (getting dressed), sitting on the floor, going from sitting to standing, jogging, or after walking a lot.



The only other slow part of my healing is my driving anxiety. It got worse the past few weeks…I think because I let my overactive imagination dwell on it. If I could have someone drive me around for the rest of my life, I would. Cars are beyond scary to me, and its draining to HAVE to practice positive self talk. Telling myself “you’re okay, you’re okay” and trying to focus on the positives of my driving abilities. Please pray for continued recovery in this area.

This week has been a pretty intense one filled with emotions and new experiences!

The beginning of this week Husband had the interview that he was supposed to have this past week. It has been fulfilling my heart to see other companies try and woo him. I like the idea of him feeling more respected for his skills. However, that meant having some difficult decisions and prayer together. I (my “C” self) decided to chart these opportunities out with colorful markers in a Pro/Con list. It was difficult, but we ended up deciding against one awesome opportunity (at a much nicer salary), realizing that salary isn’t everything if it means giving up our new church and ministries that we are apart of in order to move to said location. It was very scary and involved a lot of faith in God and husband to say “no” to such a great opportunity, the kind of opportunity that I felt really could have jump started our future of a house, kids, etc.

Instead, we realized that money isn’t everything, and with lifestyle choices we didn’t need that larger salary. So please join us in praying about another local opportunity as we gauge and try to discern God’s will.

Also, if you have any great couponing tips PLEASE TELL ME! We did a grocery store run, getting sandwich stuff, to reduce going out to eat. I’m great at couponing and waiting for clothing sales, but have no idea how to shop for grocery items or other household items with coupons. Hopefully, I can honor God by becoming the next couponing queen and managing my household like the Proverbs 31 woman.

Thursday, it suddenly dawned on husband and I that my 17 year old cat, Wildthing, was looking very thin and weak. The previous weekend, we’d noticed that she seemed to be having difficulty using the facilities, and was hiding in the storage closet. However, we discussed it and realized she hadn’t eaten or pooped in about a week. I became very upset realizing that something was wrong with her, and I worried that she was in pain. Husband googled that giving her a warm bath might help her system, so we tried it. I wrapped her in a towel and just held her clothes. At this point my normally “picture taking begrudgingly” husband decides of his own accord to grab the camera and click away. He was insistent that she could be dying and that I should get pictures with her now, while I had the chance. So, there were awesome pictures of me, red faced, crying, has I held the cat I’d have since childhood. Then, I’d think about the fact that this cat, whenever I’d cried growing up, would run to me and start licking my tears, and start bawling all over again.


The next morning there was tiny present on our floor, and for once in my life I was beyond excited. When I returned from work she’d left another one! She sniffed her food, and actually began eating. I kept petting her, telling her how wonderful she was! I was such a proud fur mommy! She’s been voracious ever since. Each day more and more of her personality and energy has been restored, including her mouthiness when hungry, and sharpening her claws on the side of the couch. I’m so happy that I’ll have a little more time to spend with her, but not happy about knowing her demise must be pretty soon.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was a reunion of the roommates from my freshman year. One of them had just moved back home with her hubby, while the other one has been away at missionary training school, and potentially plans to be on the field in April! It is crazy to sit around watching movies, eating ice cream, shopping, and of course playing with Baby Auri!

IMG_3920 IMG_3928 IMG_3935

Early afternoon Saturday we went to the beach before the other roomie showed up. I couldn’t believe how beautiful the man made beach was on the side of the lake. Of course there were also a pack of butterflies that went scattering whenever I was around them. Auri is looking as adorable as ever!













Then, that evening was our “main event.” We’d just finished reading ¬†Anna Karenina, which is a great piece of artwork that only took us 9 weeks to devour! Which we’d meet to video chat after each section. You can read more about the book review on our book review site. The movie was very artistically done, but very surreal and subtle. I’m just exciting to be reading books with friends again! We’ve already begun brainstorming our next books. I’m in geeky heaven! The best friends are the ones you can share books with ūüôā


Sunday we took advantage of the tax free weekend, sales, and coupons at the local Kohls (my favorite place to find new clothes). Lots of adorable outfits were found for Auri, who was very calm through her shopping experience…though I’m sure it helped to have several “Aunties” to distract and hold her. I went in looking for dressy shirts for work, and instead found 2 dresses which could easily be used for work, for only $10.00. :0)

Then, once one grumpy burglar was put to sleep, there was ice cream and an attempt to convert 2 of the other girls into Downton Abbey addicts. I’m not sure if it was successful because I needed to leave in the middle of the first episode. But, I have faith in my comrade in arms.

This past week I was also able to recomplete my progress in the Couch 2 5k running program!!

Celebrated My Husband’s 26th Bday/Cuddled a Wolf

I’ve found a new use for #throwbackthursday posts…to help post articles that are a few weeks past! (I promise I don’t procrastinate…it’s just that life happens).

At the beginning of this month I had the opportunity to celebrate my husband’s 26th birthday. It was in the middle of the week, and we live in a small apartment, but in discussing his social desires with a friend, this friend agreed to let us borrow his house to throw a bash.

My husband titled it a “Crazy Libertarian Bash” on the facebook invite, causing me to have some anxiety about the event. He also invited friends from several different friend groups, which increased the anxiety. I tried explaining this to him before the event, ¬†the pressures the wife can face as the predetermined “hostess” basically that I feel responsible to mingle and help create a cohesive environment. We just laughed at the differences between us, my husband picturing me to be happy as a hermit, and me picturing him as “disgustingly extroverted.” I’m truly not an introvert, any of you could attest to my loquaciousness, however, my husband makes anyone look like the biggest introvert with his ability to talk to a stranger and make a new best friend.

One thing I’d like to highlight though, is the way he uses his social abilities. I’ve seen other people talk to others to build themselves up, to meet famous people, to brag about who they’ve met, or to simply make themselves feel popular. Husband has that sort of desire, but his people oriented-ness really shares his heart. In his aims of meeting new people, it is always about the other person, trying to get them to laugh, to feel better about their days. He frequently compliments our female friends, especially our single friends, as a Christian brother, wanting them to know how beautiful the Lord thinks they are.

Quick rabbit trail to brag a little on my husband: in college I prayed specifically for God to give me a ministry partner. Back in those days I was a youth ministry major and planned on serving in a ministry position in a local church. God granted me someone working in the IT field, with a passion for people, but with a desire to support himself with an outside career. For awhile I wondered how God would work this out, being confident that He had brought my husband in answer to my prayers. In the end, I think my husband teaches me more about real life ministry than my classes ever did (which is saying a lot considering the awesome examples I learned under). He is ministry oriented without seeking a position to serve from. He truly SEES people, if that makes sense. His heart goes out for the homeless on the street. He’s not afraid to talk with them, or buy them lunch. He does ministry “outside of the box” that sometimes ministry majors turn it into. Basically, I’m a ridiculously lucky girl to be blessed by such a great ministry partner in my life :0).

So, of course, when the giant crowd of people arrived, I didn’t have to worry about being the hostess as my husband is a great socializer and mingler. Surprisingly, despite the different “friend groups” there everyone meshed really well. I think this shows the way that my husband is incredible about loving the people around him.

I was happy to see some of these traits observed and commented on by others. Our friend made him an incredibly awesome cake. (She also made our awesome wedding cake!). The cake’s design was a surprise, but definitely fits my husband’s character with the Gadsden flag, voluntaryst colors, and AR-15. I laughed thinking that the cake was now an “assault cake.” The rifle was made out of rice crispy treats and covered in fondant.




After singing to the birthday boy had ended, my husband took it upon himself to serve everyone slices of cake. A few people were surprised that someone else wasn’t cutting the cake in his stead. However, this is truly the servant husband I married :0).

Another friend of ours brought an awesome new member of their family to the party, a 7 week old tame wolf. She was adorable! Her paws are giant, you can tell she’s going to grow up to be a large dog. It was fascinating learning about her diet, and other behavioral aspects of owning an exotic animal. A few of us even managed to coo an adorable baby howl out of her; it was priceless! Daisy the beagle was not so certain of the wolf puppy.






Most of the evening was spent snacking around the bonfire as husband invented crazy stories. We laughed the night away.




Liked My Husband the First Time We Met

Feet Dorm 1In honor of Valentine’s day I thought I’d share a cute story about husband and myself: I didn’t actually like him the first time that we met.

In college one of my roommates (the one that I hadn’t previously known) during freshman orientation week (when that was still a week long) asked me if I wanted to go to the movies with her then boyfriend (now husband). They wanted to go to the cheaper dollar theatre and tickets were only .50 cents each in groups of three or more. So I asked coyly, “Does he have any friends that he wants to bring along?” And then my husband appeared at our window (such a big deal for non coed dorms as I’ve explained in the post about the Dorm 1 photo shoot).

Outside our dorms, my roommate and her boyfriend ran into a friend then knew from back home and invited him to come to the movies with us. Thus began the theatrics of loud (now) husband taught in the southern ways by roommate’s boyfriend to challenge this other guy in said dating role. I basically had two dates to the movies, each trying to race to open the car door and pay for my ticket. I ended up paying for my own ticket because I wanted to be a strong independent woman, lol.

I actually¬†preferred¬†the other guy to my husband at first glance. Husband announced himself as a senior, so I assumed him to be much older than me (husband just graduated early as a home school student), whereas this other guy was a freshman like me. Also, the other guy was reading his Bible when we met, and he said that he wanted to study youth ministry (like me). My first impression of my husband was that he was “loud and obnoxious northerner” (A fact which has not changed ;0)) And he thought I was just shy and quiet, (gosh was he misled ;0)).

It was only later that we ended up chatting on instant messenger that I got to talk to him about what God was doing in my life, my passion for youth ministry, and hear more about his heart. After that we started out as really good friends awkwardly skirting the “talking” stage as my husband was patiently sweet to be a friend first, and back off enough for me to establish many female relationships, as I worked through a painful breakup.

Basically, the beard grew on me. here we are having known each other for over 6 years! I’m grateful to have found my forever Valentine, and will pray that God will continue to help us in our relationship. Communication I think will always be a struggle between men and women until we exist in our glorified forms! One of those communication struggles is whether we celebrate Valentine’s day. Either way though, I’m a pretty lucky gal, and I’m not just saying that because of all of the free tech support I get. I’m thankful that God has given me what I needed with him, instead of what I thought I wanted. I’m glad that God knows better than me.

Here is husband and my life verse:

Proverbs 3:5-6

5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
6 In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

I wish I could make each of you duck tape roses like I used to for friends and prayer group while in college. Don’t forget that God’s love for you is eternal.

Duck Tape Roses and Romans 8:38

Taken a Photo-Shoot Near Dorm 1

Okay this “Never Have I Ever” is extremely laughable. Seriously, the moment husband begins to read this post there will be laughter erupting at the idea that I am not the crazy photograph everything woman that he ¬†has come to know and love.

One particular photo shoot (my freshman year so May 2007) was after an event my friends called the “flip flop formal” in which all of our friends donned dresses (the guys in nice shirts, maybe a tie, and slacks). Then, we all put on flip flops and went to the local mini golf. That day was a blast, but easily the girls had the most fun posing for pictures in our dresses after the fact.

Me and Hubs - Flip Flop Formal Me at the Flip Flop Formal

Flip Flop Formal

Princess Down - Flip Flop Formal

Then in February 2008 as part of my special surprise “snow less snow day” husband took pictures around campus that were significant to us/our relationship, before the culmination of proposing at the bright neon star. This day was called the “snow less snow day” because in the first day of my school’s history they cancelled school the night before due to the threat of snow, and then the next day was the sunniest it had been all week!

Goofy Dorm 1 Dorm 1 us Dorm 2 Me Next to Dorm 2

Dorm 1 was the first dorm that I lived in during my stint on campus. Basically, it was an over glorified trailer park. It was “temporary housing” that has out lasted its purpose. Finally, the school has decided that they are going to demolish it to build taller dorms that will house more people in a nicer fashion. *Cue wanting to take some cute pictures before this landmark is destroyed*

When I lived in Dorm 1 I lived in the special room with the door and walkway outside of it. The door was remnant of when it was used as the ROTC building, and when I was living it in was sautered¬†shut. (Couldn’t have us sneaking out after curfew you know!) Sitting in this dorm room on the 3rd day of non school I peered outside the window and was introduced to my roommate’s then boyfriend – now husband’s roommate, an exceedingly tall, obnoxious, and hairy fellow. Who knew that I’d fall in love with him and be married 3 years later.

With the new DSLR Canon t3i, I got a friend to take a few pictures of us in these special locations before they no longer exist!

Kissing Next to Dorm 1

Dorm 1


Beagle Family


Feet Dorm 1


Dorm 2

Dressed as Combat Barbie

Each¬†Halloween¬†we usually have a few friends who host a costume party or at least a fall party. This year I didn’t even know if I wanted to go to the parties we were invited to because I couldn’t come up with a clever costume. Husband had already decided that he wanted to dress up as a terrorist and a few other friends had convinced him that he needed to be a zombie terrorist.

Originally, I thought that I could dress up as “Jenny” from Doctor Who…I figured that I had the blonde hair and pink combat pants, and AR-15 to make it work. The only problem was that likely no one would guess who I was and I didn’t feel like having to explain my cleverness all night since it kind of defeats the point.¬†
In thinking further about the pink camo pants I realized I could still use the AR-15 and the blonde hair to my advantage. Duh! I’d dress as “Combat Barbie” who shot the now zombie terrorist. We’d having a “couples” costume that husband would actually APPROVE of. Since in 2009 we were Princess Daisy and Evil Luigi (he wore a Bowser Tshirt), in 2010 I was Princess Daisy again at work party, and then last year we were Hunger Games Tributes.¬†
I purchased cell phone bling stickers that I planned on attaching to dog tags that I never found, and Husband actually agreed to let me put them on his AR-15 pistol magazine so I could “bedazzle” it! It was hard to make a signature “B” but we did it! I’m not gonna lie I really enjoyed the pink heels with the pink camo pants :0).¬†
We wore the outfits to a party thrown by people that husband works with, then to a “fall party” by friends of mine from Xtreme Impact. Last year the Fall party was a dress up event and we won the award for best couple costume. Just as we headed out the door I realized that I couldn’t remember anyone discussing their costumes, nor were there details about it on the facebook invite page. Whoops! We arrived there and realized that no one else was dressed up.¬†

The fall party was a lot of fun, the food was AH-mAhzing, and we played this really fun and slightly dangerous ice breaker game. There was a ball of thin string and you had to share something about yourself and then toss it (while holding on to part of the string) to someone who shared the same trait. This meant that there was a tangle of thin string across this entire living room. It was disconcerting being in the middle as all of the string ran across our heads and next to our throats! 

Happy Halloween everyone! Watch out for the Frankenstorm! So far we are good, but we are supposed to have worse weather tomorrow. I can already hear the wind picking up this evening compared to earlier today!

Played Torchlight II Beta

Hello world, yes I am a geek (and I can’t even blame my husband because I was one before I met him).

As I kid I was largely a console gamer with my experience being in Nintendo 64 (best console ever!!), and Playstation 2 (gotta love me some cute purple dragon…and the versions of that game after Playstation made the whole series crash and burn).

Husband has an affinity for PC games instead of consoles, and really there is a ton of logic to this, after all the computer you can continue to upgrade. Meanwhile the console you just have to constantly buy the more advanced system. When we got married I quickly realized to the truth, that “if you can’t beat them, you should join them.” He spent a lot of time with PC games, so I figured “hey, maybe this is a way to get some relationship quality time in?” Torchlight was released the month that we got married and became one of those games that I was eager to try due to the amount of time my husband was absorbed in it.

I like games, a lot, but I can not say that I am great in them. I’m often handicapped by my inexperience for the controls (especially some first person shooters like Halo–pretty sure I died on the training mission because I had issues not staring at my feet!) So, I was hesitant to try the game, but try I did! I enjoyed the original Torchlight immensely! I even ended up beating the game before my husband. Of course the main thing that was lacking was coop. Then, in August 2010 they announce they’d be making the sequel.

Due to my novice in computer game world, I did not know that release dates could be continuously delayed. With regard to movies and books the release dates are stuck permanently upon announcement, and change rarely (and if then only once for six months later!). I’ve felt tortured and tortured, constantly annoying my husband with, “Is there an update for the Torchlight II release?” (believing that he’d have better connections/websites to find this information than I). To which he’d roll his eyes and tell me to google it.

But finally, after all of my waiting…I began to see twitter updates indicating that people were playing Torchlight II. It was in beta! Then, I saw it was a closed beta = sad face.

Commence my stalking of how to get a beta key. Then, it was announced, the beta stress test weekend! Happiness ensued, including the fact that at this point I’d be on my beach vacation and have time to play! (The only difficultly of that became the fact that the only computer we have with a windows distro (and even then only a dual boot- go Linux!) is husband’s work laptop. Given the fact that Diablo 3 was released previous to said beach trip…I’ve only been able to play twice. Here is my opinion in my short game play.
It rocks! I’d almost say that it was worth the wait ;0) (but seriously Runic Games…don’t make me wait so much next time…!) Improved functionality includes: there are 4 classes, and each of these can be either male/female, coop via LAN or internet, many more pets, pets can now buy a few requested items, and the environment is overwhelmingly more engaging.
I’ve been playing as an Outlander (as I played Vanquisher in the original game). There are also skill points (not just stat points) to divide between three different skill trees per class. I kept forgetting about my magical glaive attack throughout most of the game. Don’t do this! This attack is awesome. Once enacted the glaive will act like a boomerang bouncing between the enemies. This the probably the Outlander’s best way to defeat large waves of enemies. (And be helpful for even low level masses to defeat the groups quicker).
The aspect of the game that I’ve been impacted the most by so far is the enhancement to the overall game product. There are more places involved this time (you venture outside of the main town), and in each of these areas can be different types of weather, and different types of environments. However, the environments are interactive not simply static background. These include: moving mists, tiny spiders that are not enemies, rocks and boards that can be checked for loot, broken detonators that will be fixed upon discovering a plunger, and fuses that you can ignite to explode crates and set houses on fire.
I could not be happier with the game play that I’ve experienced so far! It has met all of my expectations and above. Throughout all types of game play this weekend, members in the beach house teased the group about all of the ‚Äúclicking‚ÄĚ due to the playing of dungeon crawler based games. One such person was gifted the original Torchlight through my husband’s steam account. This guy started playing in and continued to play it for a few hours. He said that he liked the steam punk style of graphics and game play. Win :0)
I hope to play one last time before the beta stress test weekend is officially over at 7pm my time. Then, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the full release…which with my luck will occur when I’m out of the country in July. I’m excited that husband and I will actually be able to quest together.
*looks forward to spending quality time together* :0)

Attended the Verbolten VIP Launch Party

The invitation read May 17th 5:30-9:30 pm, so we headed down to Williamsburg for the weekend, before continuing on to NC for our Outer banks beach vacation!

About half an hour before the event we were dressed and ready, just waiting to leave. I felt very nervous having no idea what to expect. While driving in through the employee entrance it was exciting to see all of the “VIP check-in” signs; I’d never been to this type of event before.

We we trammed through the “behind the scenes” areas outside of the park, to the VIP entrance. Everyone began to snap pictures. It is awesome being invited based on the use of social media, because it isn’t weird to take excessive amounts of pictures, it is actually expected!

While checking into the park, we were given free game play cards, and told “there would be less than 1,000 people in the park tonight,” so to enjoy ourselves in this intimate atmosphere.

I rushed into the park focused on one objective. Whenever I came to the park previously the goal was always to rush to our favorite “big rides” to see if the lines were worth waiting in, therefore this was still my M/O. I had this mindset for the first hour and a half before I realized that the purpose of this party was simply to relax.

We quickly jumped on the ride, and the attendant was kind enough to snap a picture of us. We unwisely left our glasses on, and realized the error of this as we were launched into the Black Forest. I was surprised to find out that most of the ride occurs in the “event building” with the Forest lit in green neon lights that you catch a glimpse of as you whip around it. Each time you enter into the building you can get 1/3 different themes. On our first ride we appropriately we awarded with howling and the haunting of red eyes following us. Throughout the ride I kept waiting for the vertical drop that I’d been reading about. I kept expecting it to occur sooner. You hear the clicking of the tracks letting go and readjusting before it happens, but the sensation still caused me to let out a quick shriek. Then, we were launched out of the Black Forest, to finish the ride in the flashback of my first ever roller coaster drop over the Rhine river.

Afterwards husband was feeling slightly dizzy (warning for those of you who are more sensitive to some of the motions you will likely experience similar effects) so we decided to wait a few more minutes. In the meantime we listed to a speech from Carl the park president, and the visiting Senator Normant. Once the ride reopened we found ourselves in the front seat again, with the Senator a couple of rows back. By this point I had regressed to the roller coaster riding ways of high school, where my friends and I would shout obnoxiously on the Loch Ness Monster while entering the tunnel, “oh my gosh we are going to die!”

Unfortunately, our pictures glitched from that ride and were unavailable. I was disappointed because we were allowed one free picture each, and our previous ones were goofy holding onto our glasses. However, there was no way that husband was going to be able to ride again, and would even need time to recuperate to enjoy any other aspects of the evening.

While he was resting his head, I chose this time to take advantage of the live music, animated costumed cast members, and great food! There were so many awesome delectable choices: ribs, bacon wrapped scallops, various meat cuts, chicken Parmesan, pasta, fresh fruits and vegetables, pretzel snacks, and rich desserts. I tried a little bit of everything!

Once husband started feeling better we started to use our game cards, which were good for 3 games each. We tried the water shooting game, and soccer game several times. I played the soccer game and actually managed to keep my flats on my feet. Upon winning a plush safety cone hat, I realized this is the way that I always wanted to enjoy the park. I’d always envied those people who had tons of things they’d won, but I’d never wanted to invest the money to do it. He won me a few more prizes from the water shooting game. The second time he won, he simply picked out tiger pillow pal without asking (and this is the one I’d decided on in my head just in that moment). I asked him, “How’d you know I’d pick that one?” He replied, “Because I know you.” To me this felt as epic as Katniss’ and Peeta’s “Real or not real?” and Snape’s “Always” :0)

While night was falling we began to mingle a little more. These are the times that I appreciate my husband sooo much because he’s not afraid of people. Meanwhile, I’m always afraid to bug people, too shy to think of small talk topics. However, because of his outgoing personality we strolled up to the president and shared about how much I loved the park, and had basically lived there in high school. Later, during my third ride into the Black Forest he made friends with a contracted marketing photographer who explained some behind the scenes aspects of the ride and how the wifi network was set up for nights like tonight. Including the fact that they’d set up a webcam of the Verbolten ride!

Around 9pm we decided that we’d done everything that we wanted to do, and headed out of the park. At the time we’d already thought that we’d made out like bandits with all of our loot from the games we’d won. We were shocked to be awarded with a Verbolten themed gift bag and a t-shirt as well!

All in all, such a great night! I rode the new coaster front row three times without a single wait. I was lucky enough to be able to sample each theme. My favorite is easily the storm. There is just more than can accompany it: the lighting flashes, thunder, rain and wind sounds, this makes it less noticeable when the ride is preparing to drop you. I would highly recommend the new ride!