Returned to the Treadmill: Talus Recovery (7 Months)

I felt very defeated at the end of the year with the fact that my injury still required daily maintenance, I readjusted my expectations, put my big girl pants on, and was determined through the month of January.

I had no idea how quickly I’d be making progress in my physical recovery!

Within a few weeks I surprised myself with a new found gains: running on a trampoline (high knee steps) and running on the ground.

I had done some of my exercises in physical therapy for the morning, and my ankle felt pretty limber, so I decided to try to bend my knee over my ankle against the leg of one of the tables. I was expecting to still be a few inches away, but my knee was able to completely touch with my foot remaining flat on the table. My PT had transitioned towards his next patient because I was about to start cool down. I scanned the room for him, and caught him looking up in my direction, I pointed down at my knee/ankle excitedly and he smiled, thumbs up’d back!

The next few weeks I continued to make similar gains in PT, I was never able to limber my ankle enough to bend it over my knee to touch the wall outside of PT, but each day in PT I was able to maintain this progress.

I returned to dance using dance tennis shoes, so much more supportive for my feet/arches at this point in my recovery. I felt slow most days as the teacher was now different and I wasn’t used to her style/pace yet. More and more I found that my body remembered some things and I felt like a ballerina again. One of the first days as I was rediscovering my ballet groove I woke up the following morning with muscle soreness, to the point that it hurt to put full weight on that ankle. I was able to walk around at a park later that day, but it scared me a bit.

After a check in visit with my surgeon he decided go order me an MRI to continue to assess the damage and check against necrosis. The x ray scans show that the bone is completely healed.

The MRI was an interesting experience, I laid on a table for what felt like forever listening to the various tones of humming as the machine ran and obtained various images. You never realize how hard it is to lay still until these moments. My right leg felt stuck in such an uncomfortable position, but I didn’t want to move myself and have to start all over again.

Right after my MRI I had physical therapy. I began through the normal exercises for about the first half of the appointment. Then, my physical therapist surprises me by moving us towards the treadmill. I was skeptical that my ankle would cooperate to this level, but I knew he wouldn’t suggest it unless I was ready. We started out at a fast walk, then he tells me to move the speed up to 5.5/6. Well whenever I jogged on the treadmill previously it was never that fast. I bargained with him as I moved it up, 4.5? Him: how about 5? Well…okay….

You guys! I ran on the treadmill 4 times for about a minute each time at a speed of 5!! Despite the fact that my chest was dying from the cardio the rest of me felt amazing. I have a love/hate relationship with running, but I was so humbled to be able to try and succeed at something that I’d have no idea if I’d ever be able to run again.

This reassured me that its okay to work harder at dance and be able to participate in the show in May. Epppp!

Given Her Everything She Needs To Soar {Blog Hop}

While I’m having monthly goals (this month is to take more challenges/leave my comfort zone) I am also following One Little Word®  prompts, many of which help us to set monthly or yearly goals.

OLW Blog hop hosted

2015-02-06 12.03.28

Last months prompt was sooo much fun! The crafty aspects helped me to “get out of myself/free me from over-thinking” and just embrace the new. Doing the vision board enabled me to return to January’s prompts and flesh the ideas into tangible goals.

2015-03-05 19.27.09


2015-03-05 19.27.17


I also finished this second vision board which is hanging next to my bed.

2015-02-13 11.16.06

This month, I get to springboard into even MORE tangible goals. Honestly, I probably could have (maybe SHOULD have) made them more tangible, but it made sense to me to focus on four areas of life again: Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Relational.

2015-03-05 19.27.53

(Can I just say that a large reason I completed this prompt, which felt like a rehashing was because I had the accountability as a blog host? Yay for you guys! I just miss the fun pictures….can we go back to that?!)

2015-03-05 19.27.38

My vision board surprised me, in what it did and didn’t focus on. It bored me a little in that it focused so much on the physical things of exercise, eating well, and things that emotionally balance me like laughing and creativity. It seemed like mundane goals. However, it has come to my attention that my personality type relies on bursts of energy to get this done. This explains why sometimes I’m SUPER productive and other times I’m weighed down by the guilt of all the things that I want to do, but aren’t completing. A random phrase “Give her everything she needs to succeed” really resonated with me; the importance of setting myself up for success. Therefore, the biggest give I could give myself was sorting out how the spiritual, physical, emotional, and relational are affecting my energy levels.

2015-03-05 19.27.29

So I wrote it out on another piece of paper first, and then wrote it on the actual sheet. I did colorize it a little to add some POP.

2015-03-05 19.26.40


2015-03-05 19.58.27From the begin I’ve been quick to remind myself that soaring isn’t JUST the fun high of flying free (I’m picture the fun swoops on a roller coaster). True soaring is the day to day flying that birds do. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is mundane. In watching birds fly, I’ve realized that when they glide for long periods of time, they aren’t always perfectly straight, their wings waver among the invisible air drifts, and that is what life looks like. Soaring means opening my wings, pushing off from the earth, and daily soaring in the invisible air currents trusting God when things get rocky.

2015-03-05 19.27.23

Bonus Notes:

Its been neat to see how my word morphs. In the community facebook group I see some people worry about connecting with their word, or feeling drawn to another. Neatly, I’m “connected” to the word soar, but within this word the follow resonate with me: Brave/Courage, Balance, Healthy, Open, etc.

Check out some more awesome blogs as they interact with their words and prompts! Link up your blog and join the fun :0)



Focused on the Heart in February


I’m doing monthly resolutions this year (printables found here), and I’m ready to announce my goals for February. The theme is everything surround the “heart”! This means I’m going to focus my attention on my health and my relationships.

Here are the specific goals:


-Seek to encourage my husband more and nurture our relationship by actively praying for him, and planning date nights. We have more time together than when we were first married, but it can be easy to lose focus during our random dinners out. I’ve signed up for Focus on the Family’s Date Night Challenge. We already went on date 1 and it was important for me to have a coach to remind me to “act like I’m trying to get a 2nd date”

-Focus on my relationship with Christ. It is so easy to go on “auto pilot” and coast in my Christian walk. I want to really focus on a relationship, “conversing” during prayer, and taking time to spend quality time with Him in the Bible. During college I used to love to sit outside and spend hours feasting on the Word. I think that’s when I felt the most connected because quality time is MY love language.

-Spending time visiting my parents in FL and AZ this month. I want to be diligent and kind in my conversations with them. Seeking to connect and remind them how I appreciate and love them!

-Being intentional in all of my friendships; seeking to give love instead of focusing on how I feel or receiving love.



-Drink more water. This is easiest when there is a water bottle near me that is always full.

-Make better decisions while out at restaurants…like getting the side salad.

-Planning meals and snacks to include fruits and veggies. One of my current favorites is bell peppers, garden style cream cheese, and triscuits. Yum!

-Excercise 2-3 times a week. Really I should just be jogging that much, and doing another stretching type of routine as well. I have a race in April, so I really need to stop whining about the cold and get out there. Maybe this will be easier to relaunch with the warm weather in Florida.

I also found a new monthly resolution printable site here. I like that this one is small enough to include in my scrapbook later.

Any tips or suggestions on these resolutions? Feel free to post them!