Wheeled to a Partial Solar Eclipse: Talus Recovery (Week Seven)

So I know that social media has been over-saturated about this certain celestial event..but guess what, I wanted to experience it anyways. I convinced hubby to take a half day of work (I mean its a Monday, really, I was doing him a kindness) so he could drag my wheel chair butt to the lake in our neighborhood. He agreed :0)

We drove out to the lake starting around 1:25 pm and stayed until 3:10 pm, with max occurring around 2:41 pm. Husband was worried about the clouds that kept covering the event, so he wanted to get me out there to at least see partial.

It was nice to get out and sit outside. Thankfully I didn’t burn because I’d forgotten to think about bringing sunscreen.


I was surprised that we didn’t see many neighbors out. One was on his way to get picked up for work and so we gave him one of our extra glasses. Another was driving around, “chasing the sun” as he called it. He had created a pin hole viewer.

It was exciting to watch the moon inch across the sun. I enjoyed stalking it with my DSLR and the lens filter I’d purchased (along with our glasses) from B&H photo. We never really had a moment of “totality” with only having about 88% coverage around here. I kept watching the wildlife around me, the bugs continued to flit around, the birds chirped, and one duck continued to splash around like nothing was happening.

The light dimmed a little, but more so like there were clouds, or that the sun was starting to set. I’m jealous of my friends who were in higher levels of coverage. However, I have learned that the next U.S. total solar eclipse will occur April 8, 2024….and we have family who live in the 100% totality path. I now have 7 years to wear my husband down into agreeing to go! Game on ;0)!

Here’s some of the fun pictures of the moon trekking across the sun from my DSLR: