Survived A Derecho

derechoThis past weekend weather-wise I experienced a deja-vu moment. It’s neat to see those types of patterns relived, and to see what has changed since those experiences. Just last night my area was struck with another derecho, even if it was a lower version, which was nice given the fact that my husby was in another state far far away. However, this second experience with a derecho has shown me how marriage helps you to gain the positives of your partner. :0)

Last year this storm came out of nowhere. I’m from the coast, so I understand the threat of hurricanes, but when we were told about this random storm I do not think many prepared. Everyone was surprised to be out of power, some people for as long as a week!

This was an in-opportune time at work, as we were within weeks of our mega camp and several international trips. There were a few alarmed students panicked, letting them know about the storm and how likely their passports were stuck at the post office due to lack of electricity to sort.


We were lucky last year and this year. The power only flickered a few times, then returned for us. However, our close friends who were pregnant last year, and now have a beautiful 6 month old were out of electricity. Last year the storm was so devastating due to the heat wave surrounding it. Friends, and my husband included posted sharing that we had electricity and to come over. I remember thinking, wordly, that “oh my goodness, we don’t have that much room, our apartment is sooo small.” Meanwhile, my husband’s heart was in the right place, realizing the things that were really important.


It ended up last year that only one set of friends stayed with us, but they stayed for a few days until their power was restored. I enjoyed the extended sleepover their stay provided :0). Going stir crazy a few days into the storm experience, I decided I needed to get out and view the wreckage. There were downed trees everywhere, and all of the streets were coated in leaves. Many of the traffic lights were still out, and many people struggled to understand the concept that then the rules revert to those of a 4 way stop intersection, with everyone taking turns. There were crazy long lines for gas. I was grateful that we’d filled up previous to the storm. The most incredible part was seeing the community really come together and take care of each other.

This year the storm was on the smaller side, so the sleep over only lasted one night. I’m pretty sure my friends appreciated being able to get back into their apartment sooner though ;0). This year I tried to be more proactive about seeking out friends in need, volunteering the space in my fridge/freezer for those without power to not lose all of their food. This really consisted of a comment on facebook to a friend, but I felt a little bit like I was being more like my husband. This year it was easier to be prepared to volunteer to host people to fill my tiny apartment.

Poor little Auri had a difficult time adjusting to driving to our apartment after her bedtime. At 5am I got a taste of her lung capacity and what this beautiful little girl likes to do when she gets bored, lol. Daisy the beagle also was able to meet Auri for the first time. Unfortunately, there are no pictures documenting this, as my hands were busy making sure the dog didn’t lick the baby’s face.

Hopefully you all didn’t lose electricity during the storm. Part of our missions conference at church was delayed due to time involved to prepare these events. I’m excited to see how this will affect our outreach day tomorrow, if there are any different opportunities to serve due to the storm’s wake.

Stay safe!

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