Surprised My In-laws For Thanksgiving

When husband’s sister and husband visited in September when we went to the Lewis Ginter Botantical Garden, she suggested that we should connive together to plan a secret trip to visit their parents. I always enjoy visiting with them (as many of our previous posts will show).

As time grew closer husband realized that he had some time off from work, but just needed to convince him to make the 8/9 hour journey up there. Eventually,  this happened! It was so much fun driving up knowing we’d get to surprise them. At one point we called his mom and he fibbed about getting home after only a half day from work.

They were in shock, surprised to see us with the puppy, standing at their front door! They just sat back on the couch for a second processing! It was good to spend time with them.

We enjoyed a yummy thanksgiving, and mostly just hanging around the house watching tv with them.

I did spend a lot of time on my computer typing away on my story. My NaNo word count was falling behind from being sick and busy that previous weekend. Then, I realized how difficult it was to write during the festivities of Thanksgiving and family time!

While there husband, his friend who’s moving down here now, and I decided to go exploring and visit a vineyard! It was called Johnson Estate Wines. They make their own wine from all of the vines on their large estate, which is unique for the area. We sampled a few sweet wines including: the Pink Niagara (which the friend had brought when he visited for the weekend), Pink Catawba, and Passion Peach. At this location, they also make the only US made sparkling ice wines. I’ve heard that these are some delicious wines, but I’ve never had the opportunity to try as such, those bottles are very expensive. We didn’t realize it at the time, but we could have tasted them there for $1.00 each which wouldn’t have been too bad.

And of course no trip to NY would be complete without some Tim Horton’s! Here I have White Hot Chocolate…one of the most delicious things in the world!

The weekend while we were there, it was threatening to snow several inches due to Lake Effect. I’ve heard of Lake Effect, but never experienced it myself. I actually hoped we would get snowed in, since I had no reason to go outside. Whenever I would say this my Mother In Law threatened to kick me out of the house!

Lucky for all of us there was only a slight dusting. It was just enough to cover the trees and make for a gorgeous scenic frosting for us to view on our drive home. I kept remarking to the husband that it looked like an enchanted winter wonderland!

On the way home, my 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis actually passed 100,000 miles. Did I mention that I bought this car in 2008 with 75,000 miles for only $2,500? When in doubt find the car that has only had two elderly drivers who don’t drive their car much.

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