Supported My Husband Through a Job Change

wpid-IMG_3965.JPGThe past few weeks you’ve heard us mention my husband’s various interviews. Ironically, it all began the afternoon that we first began to have our photography adventures downtown. We were sitting inside Bojangles just chatting. We made the off handed comment “its not like we’re moving any time soon,” and husband received a phone call from a recruiting agency that had tried to contact him about a job before. This began us into a topsy turvy last few weeks of hopes, dreams, and anxiety, as we considered three different options for my husband’s career.

#1 Husband could choose to stay with the company he’d been at for 7 years. He knew the job and environment, had created great friendships among his coworkers, and it meant staying in the area. The problem was that he had encountered a glass ceiling which made it difficult to progress in his career (and move along with our lives).

#2 A great job offer that involved moving away from the community we’ve developed and in which we’ve just recently become church members. It was the kind of offer that meant a house, and progressing towards other expensive dreams.

#3 A contract job with a local industry. So staying in the same area, but with increased pay. With increased pay comes a new intense environment, and new coworkers.

For several weeks we prayed. I kept telling my husband that I trusted his judgment. In the end all I hoped for was that he would choose what was best for him (since he would be the one working there!). I tried to be supportive as I watched him progress through each option, weighing the risks and benefits. He’d decide one thing one day, and the next day reconsider the opportunities. It was scary realizing how much our lives could change based on those decisions. In the end we watched as all of the doors closed except for one. Husband said that he had peace, and I’d helped to create color coordinated pro/con lists.

He started at this new location yesterday, and I was so nervous. I’d tried to remain supportive throughout the weekend as we went to Carrabba’s out of town with friends. This dinner location was special to us since we’d been there over 4 years ago, when he asked me to marry him :0). (Not at the restaurant, btw).

I was entertained by the wildlife that we saw on the way there: a fawn in the yard near our friends’ house (yay for the incredible zoom on my pocket camera), and birds nesting in the restaurant’s letters.



Then, Sunday was a pool party with our Sunday School class. We ran into wal-mart to grab a snack/side.  Witty husband decided to tease our pregnant co-leader with his version of pregnancy:



All day yesterday I couldn’t wait to hear how his first day had gone! That evening I finally got to hear it. He’d gone through the standard first day jazz, meeting everyone, learning about policy, waiting for permissions and equipment. I think the thing that most stuck out to me was how excited he was. It was as if a giant weight had been lifted from his shoulders! He told me about how nice everyone was, and what he’d learned about the job. Apparently, he’s like one of the younger guys there…which means that many people stick around. There was a really cool sound of hopes and dreams in his voice…that this is the kind of place that he could work at for awhile and we could really make a future :0) Now, we just have to be careful not to get too caught up with “what could happen” while we are careful over the next 6 months of his contract.

I am just simply so proud of him! I’m so happy for him to feel like he fits so well in this environment. I’m not proud over the fact that I could have made the weekend before less stressful, but I’m happy that we are growing together and becoming better functioning cogs each week as we learn better how to communicate. :0)

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  1. August 27, 2013    

    I’m glad he likes the new job, and VERY glad that it means we get to keep you both around here. I’m pretty fond of “here,” so I’m happy to keep sharing it with you both. See you around! 🙂

    • erin erin
      August 29, 2013    

      I’m sooo excited that we get to stay!! :0)

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