Staycationed at Smith Mountain Lake

In celebrating our 5th anniversary husband and I decided to take a quick trip away to the local lake. We rented this tiny mobile home on the lake front. It was adorable in its compact size, but truly perfect for everything that we needed it for.




Sometimes I can be a little high maintenance with my need to explore and be active on vacations. Husband wanted to make sure that our time was special, so he proposed that we intention to have a good attitude with each other. We would plan to have some fun activities, but also just lounge around our vacation home.


At the home we grilled delicious dinners and cuddled while watching movies. It was pretty perfect!


Bridgewater Plaza was responsible for pretty much all of our fun, we visited it at least once a day on our long weekend away.


We played mini golf (which I was so horrible at).


There was an arcade with traditional games and pinball machines. Oh my goodness how I’d missed the simple pleasures of winning tickets for prizes. It was cute to see this playful side come out in us.

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On another trip to the plaza I saw people feeding the giant carp hordes popcorn, and the fish would splash about. This culminated to saying goodbye on our last day and sticking my feet in the pond! The carp would think toes were popcorn, try to suck on them, and then flip out when they realized the toe was something bigger. The poor ducks were even victims to these magikarp splash attacks.

2014-10-SML_639edit 2014-10-SML_413edit 2014-10-SML_303edit 2014-10-SML_302edit 2014-10-SML_243edit

It was truly a sweet weekend away, and writing about it later, I can vouch that that intention for “fun” has been maintained and drawn us closer together :0)

I can’t wait for many more years with my favorite person ever!

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