Stalled My Car While Driving

Can I just tell you, that this is an extremely scary situation? I had learned about what to do in these situations in my Driver’s Ed class, but it is different when you are in the situation. This is really a tutorial for how not to handle the situation like I did, in hopes that next time I’ll be more prepared.
Great advice! Wish I would have followed it :0(
Rule #1 – Do Not Panic 
I was stopped behind traffic waiting  at a light to turn right (less than a mile from my apartment). I was zoned out, just waiting to get home after work. Then, I pushed on the gas to drive…and the car wouldn’t move. I finally realized that it wasn’t on; I tried turning it back on, and nothing happened. I was really unable to make intelligent decisions at this point because I was still in shock.
Rule #2- Put the Car in “Park” and Try Turning Back On
The second half of this was my natural reaction…hence more panic when the car would not turn back on, and there had been no warning of it dying. At that point I called Husband and was barely able to calm myself to tell him where I was. I didn’t know until afterwards that you have to put the car back in park first.
Rule #3 – Turn Your Hazard Lights On
Okay, this one I knew. I knew that since I was in a busy area (and there were people behind me) I needed to let them know there was a situation. However…
Rule #4 – Know Where Your Hazard Lights Are
Your hazard lights are completely useless to you unless you know where they are. New rule, at least once a month  test yourself on where that button is. I’ll give you a hint, its usually above the steering wheel.
I was the stereotypical blonde damsel in distress–I hated that!
Rule #5 – Push The Car Out of the Way
I was still panicked; I realized with my car being in the middle of the road that I needed to get out of it, if I didn’t want to die when it got hit. So, I got out and am talking to husband on the phone. I don’t know why, but my ability to move my car never occurred to me. Maybe I didn’t think I’d be able to move it by myself. Divinely (Praise Jesus!) a few young men walked from the local shopping area on the corner to help move my car out of the road.
Rule #6 – Call For Assistance
I had already done this earlier and the Husband arrived just as the guys had moved my car out of the road. Then he looked  at it, couldn’t really see anything wrong. We ended up taking my car to Jiffy Lube to see if it was the coolant, or other things of that nature. At this point the “check engine” light was not on. Apparently, even brand new cars can stall out, so this is to be expected when driving a motor vehicle.
For the next few hours I had calmed myself, but I could still feel my heart racing, and my nerves were constantly pulsing. I’d been wanting to chop off the ends of my hair for a few days now…I took advantage of this perfect opportunity. That helped to relax me quite a bit.
I am just incredibly thankful for this incident to happen where/when it did. I had just turned off of a 65mph highway about 700 feet earlier, and was only a mile from home. Plus, this is my husband’s off week, so he was awake to be able to come to the rescue. I am feeling incredibly blessed at the providence of God.

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