Shamed My Beagle

Daisy, our beagle, has been especially challenging the past few days. Yesterday, she jumped on the table and snagged a yummy slice of pizza before dragging it to the floor. I posted this fact on twitter/facebook to which others posted shaming pictures of such actions.

I’ve seen these “shaming” pictures before and longed to snap one of the beagle. Well, today I had this opportunity!

For the past few days it has been cold, rainy, and wet outside. I don’t want to be out there, so I can understand how the dog would not want to go out there either. This morning husband took the dog outside, she peed, and then we brought her back inside. A short while later she started to squat so we shuffled her quickly outside. When husband returned he told me that the dog had left her business on the porch. *shakes head* Then, when I returned from work today, I let her out, she peed, and I brought her back inside. Again, I turned around and she started to squat again on the carpet. >.< Seriously! I left the dog outside as long as she wanted! So I took this photo of our girly spoiled beagle.

Shamed Beagle -1 Shamed Beagle -2 Shamed Beagle - 3

Many of you have probably already seen those photos on twitter, facebook, and instagram, so I thought I would formally introduce my beagle to the blogosphere. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of her throughout, but I don’t think I’ve shared about her.

Daisy was an accident. Before we got married husband and I talked about possibly getting a dog in the future. One of the breeds that was mentioned was a beagle, due to the favorite childhood mix he had growing up. Within days of returning from our honeymoon we were driving by the pet store and I saw a sign that advertised “beagles.” I convinced husband to stop because “We weren’t going to buy a dog.” Little did I know that he’d been there the day before and fallen in love with one specific beagle!

We stopped inside to look at the furry little things, and very shortly husband became eye locked with the sleepy runt in the corner. His gaze wasn’t wavering, so I quickly realized that I either needed to bring the puppy home with us, or leave my new husband at the pet store.

So, after being married for one week we bought a puppy. I thought it’d be a breeze, I’d forgotten that my mother raised our puppies growing up. This little beagle caused a ridiculous amount of stress in a situation where we were already struggling through the adjustment of graduation, marriage, living together, and husband working night shift. That first Christmas together all she did was knock the ornaments off the tree. I was personally offended thinking that this little dog was trying to ruin our first Christmas together.

Something neat about our special beagle is that the date she was born: August 15th, 2009. This was the date of the wedding of the couple for which husband and I met. She was one of my first roommates, and he was the husband’s roommate that freshman year. They asked me to go to the movies with them, and not wanting to be the third wheel, I asked the guy if “he had any friends he wanted to bring along.” Then, low and behold my furry now husband appeared outside my window!

So, I love our beagle, and we will get through this rainy week!

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