Seen Daniel Radcliffe on Broadway

Going to New York City meant an opportunity to see a show on Broadway! My friends were seeing Wicked, and we waivered between the new musical If/Then with Idina Menzel, the Lion King, or Daniel Radcliffe’s the Cripple of Inishmaan.


Lion King I reasoned tours around Virginia often enough that I can probably see it again. While Idina is amazing, the tickets were a little pricey considering the fact that husband would just be enduring the musical aspects and not loving them. So, the dark play, no singing, and getting to see Daniel Radcliffe act in person won out, the tickets were also inexpensive.

I messed up at first on the Broadway ticketing website, purchasing the tickets for the wrong weekend. I cried and had a partial meltdown, quickly drafting an email, hoping they’d let me swap the dates. Luckily, they made my first Broadway experience incredible and switched the dates for us. *sigh*


We grabbed dinner at a small hole in the wall place in Time’s Square, seriously some of the best pizza that I’ve ever had! There was no seating, so we ate it standing in a random square in between buildings, as a mist began, before we were chased out due to closing.


The theatre was small but gorgeous! The play is set in Ireland, so it was fun to hear the accents, through I struggled to keep up with the dialogue. Husband has several Irish friends, and so is used to their humor. We even had someone seated behind us who was visiting from Ireland!


Daniel Radcliffe and the entire cast was truly brilliant. The show is over now, as it was a limited run, but how cool to be able to say I’ve seen him perform live. I kind of wanted to storm the backstage area to get a picture, but I’d heard it’d be kinda crazy. Maybe next time!


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