Seen a Spine Specialist (Car Wreck Recovery Week #1)

It has officially been 1 week since the accident, and it is crazy to see my progress. I didn’t leave the apartment until Wednesday and that was only because I was visiting with the specialist.We got to the appointment almost an hour early, just because we weren’t sure how long it would take to move my granny self.

In hobbling into the office, husband and I were slowly walking and a woman at least twice my age, maybe older, blazed past us. We stopped walking and just burst out laughing.  Then, using the handicapped automatic door, I walked so slowly it began to close on me.

They saw us quickly, despite how early we were. I felt better being able to recount my ailments and have my scans reviewed. The nurse practitioner was my favorite. She was friendly, she complimented my heart shaped engagement ring, but I could tell she was a C personality type. After reviewing my scans she said “I did 2 years in the trauma unit at UVA, and I’m very impressed by the workup they did on you…you can’t always be sure with small hospitals”

Basically, they told us the same thing that they did in the ER just days before. It will be 4 to 6 weeks recovery time. Amazingly I just broke the wing part of the vertebrae! I should even be able to start running again in 4 weeks!

After the appointment I was ready to burst into happy tears. I couldn’t believe that there wouldn’t be any long term damage.


I was feeling well enough that I begged husband to drive us to the carnival block party on the mission trip schedule. He conceded because the Dr said I should be walking around more.

The party was at the same location that I was supposed to be on Sunday. In getting there we drove through the intersection where the accident was. It was funny to see how small it really was. You couldn’t tell there had been a accident, just some glass in the grass.


The block party was awesome!! There was music, grilling, popcorn, and bounce houses. I teased husband that I’d jump in it. The best part was watching the faces as I walked over. The pastor who’d visited me in the hospital was one of the first to see me. The surprised “oh my gosh you are here, alive and walking face” is seriously one of the most validating ever! We didn’t stay long so as not to get in the way.

We developed a new favorite treat in fun fetti dip with teddy grahams. Husband even documented this process :0). 

The rest of the week has been filled with emotional ups and downs. I’ve been frustrated to be in pain, annoyed with my inability, broken hearted at pain felt by others in the accident, hugely thankful to be alive, and overwhelming peace/joy.


My husband has been saintly during this process. He literally had to help me walk to the restroom, and wait on me hand and foot for the first few days. It is important to know that I’m not the easiest person to serve sometimes. My emotions were fluctuating, plus I tend to believe that things need to be done the “right way” which is usually the method that I’ve developed. And, I’m not always able to clearly communicate this. Specifically, at one point I had a difficult time trying to explain why I needed to be in my clothes instead of his gym shorts and a baggy tshirt, as my clothes were better for my morale.


Sunday evening, exactly one week after the accident there was a “Celebrate America” event in town, complete with fireworks in the evening. I brought my photography gear and tripod, excited to test out my skills.  My skills were not ready for such a fast subject! I quickly ditched the tripod, despite that I needed its stability to ensure non blurry pictures, as I couldn’t maneuver it quickly enough to frame my subjects. Sitting down made it difficult to use the Manual Focus on the front of the lens, and this was absolutely necessary as the lack of light and speed of subjects made the Auto Focus slow and unreliable. I ended up switched to Sport Mode and was able to get a few decent shots. Either way we enjoyed ourselves!

IMG_4640 IMG_4639

It just feels like the icing on the cake that my DSLR camera survived the wreck. When everything else was flung about the car, it was perfectly in the middle of the passenger seat where I’d left it (outside of a camera bag).  I know this sounds silly, but it almost feels like God blessing my pursuit of photography. It is humbling to realize that He often fulfills these tiny desires of our hearts. IMG_4641


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