Rolled My Ankle in Vibrams (C25K Week 14)

ankleWell…I was well on my way to completing the Couch to 5k plan. I’d completely day 1 and 2 which by the way totally kicked by butt, by the way. Then, the weekend happened and I was unable to run that Saturday or Sunday evening. I was finally able to get around to it Monday.

I put on all of my running gear, and headed outside, surprised how dark it already was at 8:30 pm…more proof that the summer is slipping away that I guess. I was pumped…so much so that when the dubstep filled my ear buds I started head bobbing, only later to realize that there were people sitting out front in the cars who probably saw me.

I did my 5 minute warm up walk. Then, as the buzzer sounded to begin the 3 minute walk…I took that first quick step and rolled my ankle. There was a searing and then numbing pain as I stood there wanting to cry, and in surprise. I stood there for a moment, as my foot didn’t seem to be able to support my wait. A moment later I trudge back to the apartment.

Husband immediately instructed me to elevate my foot, and to watch for swelling. Surprisingly it didn’t swell too badly. Mostly, I think that I was just disappointed that I was stuck delaying my running -again-. I seriously just can’t seem to win. I was also surprised due to the fact that when I was younger I used to roll my ankle all of the time. Frequently, on the play ground, I’d be bouncing around, walking on the wooden edgings, when suddenly I’d roll my ankle and need to sit down. Rolling your ankle and other types of ankle injuries are supposed to be less likely to occur in minimalist and Vibram shoes as your foot is more connected with it’s surroundings. I couldn’t tell you if I stepped on a rock or what, but I think that my shoes have helped to reduce the frequency of this type of move.

Hopefully, I can heal quickly with maybe just another day or so of rest and return to running!

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