Reviewed My January Resolution Progress


Can you believe that it is already the last day in January??!

Earlier this month I discovered a really cool idea with regards to making New Year’s resolutions with cool monthly printables via Pinterest.

January’s theme would be organization. I would organize my physical apartment, and I would brainstorm new practices to organize my everyday life actions. My goals included organizing: the kitchen/fridge, digital and physical photos, bathroom/under the sink, chore schedule, meal plan schedule, and various other projects.

Where I was successful:

-Organized my Project Life cards, began a chore scheduling, memory stuffs to include in scrapbooks, scanned physical photos into the computer, created a system for adding digital photos, planned future goals, and cleaned up my Pinterest boards.

Where I was less than successful:

-I only really started organizing the kitchen and bathroom. Honestly, I could probably take an entire month to organize the kitchen. I put it off, so then I ran out of time. Good thing I’ve got other months to dedicate to it!

The real take away from this month was the challenge question:

“What can you check off the list today?”

I often feel so overwhelmed with the projects needing to be done at home that I don’t start…I don’t know where. By taking the time to focus on this one aspect this month, it was easier to coach myself to just try. Instead of thinking “eh…I’ll do it tomorrow” I was more encouraged to say “No, it will only take a few minutes, just do it now.” While I did not accomplish everything I wanted to, I’m hoping to break through my tendency towards procrastination.

How did your January resolutions go? Any tips on organizing and making your daily home life easier/more efficient?

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