Reviewed My 2014 February, March, and April Goals

Again, sorry I’ve been MIA the past two months, its all been for good reason!

Firstly, I want to review my progress on my monthly goals:

February: Focusing on my personal relationships. I accomplished this by traveling to FL and AZ to visit each of my parents. This went very well, and we spent memorable days together. I can’t wait to share more about those traveling adventures!


March: As a pun on the month of March, March was to focus on being disciplined. As soon as I returned home from my cross country travels I began to apply for jobs. I attempted to organize things at the apartment, etc. Honestly, I became more and more frustrated by what I was not accomplishing. Instead of being a month of productivity, it became a month about self acceptance. I realized that I could either continue to guilt and punish myself for what I was not accomplishing, or I could forgive myself, move on, and try to be more productive the next day. It was a very important lesson to learn.

April: A specific post to follow about this new development, but I began my counseling career! Thus, April’s only goal became about surviving a 40 hour work week, in a new job experience. Learning to be patient with myself in March really paid off in April, with a refreshed attitude of patience towards my progress.

My goal for May is really similar for that of April, but instead of surviving my position, I really want to learn how to thrive :0) April showers bring May flowers?

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