Returned to Walking (C25k Week 9)

The specialist said that I needed to wait to begin jogging until until 4 weeks. At the time wasn’t sure if that meant I could begin to train again at four weeks, or after. I decided since I was still decently sore to wait until after four weeks. However, that meant that I could begin walking longer distances this past week!

runningvoiceliarAstonishingly, it isn’t my back that really hurts at all. Where my leg attaches to my pelvic bone tends to be sore off and on, I must have bruised it pretty badly in the accident.

My goal was to try to walk a mile each time, three different days (in a similar schedule to how I was jogging). I even convinced the husband to go with me with our beagle!

Something I did not realize was how much the humidity increased within the last month…I used to always jog as the sun was falling, or even as late as 10pm, when it was cool. We walked the neighborhood at that time and I was dripping in sweat! This makes me apprehensive about beginning to run again.

I didn’t quite make a mile during each walk. Mostly because the husband didn’t want too ;0). After the first mile, earlier in the week, I was very sore and noticeably limping on the way in! I could really feel each step. For that week I walked 2.9 miles and I earned them.

A cool article that I found via Pinterest has some important timelines/suggestions about returning back to running after an injury. I definitely wouldn’t want to injure myself because I pushed myself too far.

But, practice makes perfect. I will keep trooping, till I’m able to really jog again, and then actually run my first 5k. My friend and I planned to do one in October, and we built it in so we could double the amount of training time if our bodies resisted the training. This means that potentially I could still train for that race. (At least I’ll be doing more jogging than I did in the last one). Its exciting to still be able to have that goal!

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